Karla Homolka's case according to Stephen Williams


Written on 11:25 p.m. by Unknown

Back into reading a bit, I've purchased recently the book called "Karla - Le pacte avec le diable". I couldn't find the original English version here in Rouyn and I was looking forward to read it so I got the translation.

So far so good. Stephen Williams' style is very descriptive and detailed. This is his second book on that case. The first one, "Invisible Darkness" caused him to do some jail time for non-respect of the judicial order of non-publishing of crimes videos. I will read it as soon as I find the English version.

This book does not focus only on the attacks made by the couple, but also depicts the judicial system in all its corruption and glory. A very interesting reading that provides an insight into Karla's psychiatric file from Dr. Arndt and shows 'how' a normal person can turn into a serial rapist/murderer.

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  1. Hélène et Pierre |

    Conserve moi ce livre pour lorsque je serai à Nouméa... je le lirai et pourrai te faire part de mes commentaires.

    Ciao. Hélène

  2. Unknown |

    Ça risque d'être un peu dur pour ton coeur sensible...


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