A night of lights and snow in Montreal


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Saturday the 26th of February is coming soon, and with it, the Montreal night of lights!

How much does it cost? FREE, NOTHING, RIEN, GRATOS, GRATUIT, 0$ !!!!!

This is got to be the craziest, funniest winter experience one could ever dream of. Starting at 6PM on Saturday, it ends at 7AM on Sunday.

Some striking features:
-Bar of snow with bartenders serving drinks on ice ;)
-DJ Francois
-Cooled exterior ice rink for skating
-Themed Igloos (disco, lounge, siesta, bougex and surf)
-Outdoor spas
-Winter camping with Banick tastings (old style bread baked over the firepit)
-Traditional story-telling
-Snowshoe patrolling the side of the st-lawrence river facing the city
-Soccer on snow
-Badminton under the stars

For more information visit the official webpage

Horoscope of March 2005 for Virgos


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Partnership Focus
Partnership is the focus and the potent issue as the month begins with the Sun in Pisces. You may be doing things with or because of someone close. There may be developments that come through a partner's activities. For the singles, there may be a new romantic interest. You may work or cooperate closely with someone.

These connections peak at the New Moon in Pisces on Mar 10th. There may a change or break in a close association. This may affect creative projects, leisure activities, romance or children. Start afresh. Look at what you can do in tandem with another and choose that path, even if it means leaving something else behind. Change will affect domestic or emotional life mid month. There may be intense encounters, changes with finances or a complete change with your home situation. There may be people around you with strong feelings between them. You may feel strongly drawn or moved by the situation of others or another person.

The Sun moves to Aries at the Equinox on Mar 20th. This brings a tide of change but it may take a while before the implications of the change come home to you. The Full Moon comes in Libra on Mar 25th. There may be developments or revelations with finances. There may be a financial discussion of a pivotal or important nature. There may be a powerful or intense attraction for you. Someone from the past may come back into your life. You may go through a resurgence of erotic relations with your loved one. Things are hot. So are you.

Busy Bee
With Mercury the messenger in Pisces, there's plenty to discuss with partners and close associates. You may be planning or just speculating. You may want to set something in motion by the New Moon on Mar 10th, involving change with an emotional or domestic situation. For some, the atmosphere at home could be tense. For others, new plans may open a new path. Mercury moves to Aries on Mar 5th, bringing money into focus. Those of you in a relationship may want to talk about yourselves and your deeper needs. You may make secret plans. Perception is needed. See yourself in a new way. The messenger turns retrograde at the Equinox on Mar 20th. Finance may need to be re-evaluated. There may be an unexpected development with money. There may be unexpected expenses or confusion with financial arrangements. Review your position. Delay important decisions. Read more on Mercury Retrograde!

Flowing Along
Venus the goddess follows in the tracks of Mercury so you will need to work with those around you. Cooperate. Expect guests, friends and social engagements or obligations that flow from your loved one. If you're single, there may be someone interesting or interested who comes on the scene. Venus moves to Aries on Mar 22nd, raising the temperature. You may be beginning some new financial involvement. There may be a new erotic involvement or the heat will rise with the one you're in. You may be dealing with a fiery or generous female. You may be able to raise money for something you wish to do.

Getting It Right
Mars begins the month in Capricorn. You may be working through the consequences of lifestyle costs. You may have overestimated or overspent. Apply clear and practical solutions. Mars moves to Aquarius on Mar 20th. There may be new work practices or a new working opportunity. You may improve what you do. Pay attention to health issues.

This horoscope was taken directly from the site below and I take no credit for it Astrologycom.com

Scuba Diving


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Ohhh yes baby! Guess what I'm doing next weekend? scuba diving lessons in Montreal! That's right, the lessons are given in a swimming pool and the certification is for May in a lake or something similar. I can't wait!

Back online!


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Hi everyone. Sorry I lost touch with my blog for about a month.. I now have to catch up and update! I have so much to say!!! ;)