Back on track with YBB and WOWY!


Written on 8:56 p.m. by Unknown

I gave a try to Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB) in February this year. I stuck religiously to the program for a nice 5 weeks and was enjoying the results, so WHY did I fell off the wagon?

I started the program when I was unemployed. When I started working again and my already busy evenings with the Canadian Swing Championships, Balboa ConneXion, le Club des activités branchées and my job search, I couldn't keep up with the workout routine anymore... Then, the opportunity to buy a house presented itself and I was trapped for a couple of months into the wheel of visits, negociation, preparation, moving, painting, renovating, etc.

Am I just making excuses? Probably. I guess I *could* have continued but it was easier at the time to just interrupt it and start seriously again when I can. THE TIME HAS COME.

Yoga Booty Ballet is a full workout program of BeachBody composed of Yoga, Pilates, Ballet and cardiovascular. It targets the deadly stomach/hips/thighs section women hate so much, while keeping you focused on your goals with the help of meditation.

It comes in several tapes or DVD for the conveniency of working out from home.


Being the social person that I am, working out from home - alone - can be very difficult. Especially finding the motivation and self-discipline to stick to the program and not cheat. A great tool that's made it possible for me is WOWY.

WOWY - Work Out With You (also provided by BeachBody) is a free online support system open to everyone who's serious about their workout.

  • Calendar of workouts
  • Personal Diary
  • Transformation tracker
  • Statistics
  • Online "gym"
  • Cooldown chatroom
  • Workout groups
  • Possibility to schedule your workout and find workout buddies who will care if you're not there ;)
Since I started back from scratch, today is day 3 of week 1 of my program. It means that for the third day in a row I worked out at YBB on WOWY and tomorrow is rest day! : )

If you wanna try WOWY, feel free to appoint me to one of your workouts, my username there is Jerrika.

If you're looking for workout DVDs but don't think Yoga Booty Ballet is the right for you, have a look at the other BeachBody products: they really have a program for everyone!

See you in the gym!



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It's so good to hear the real notes (on pitch) on our new piano! Even if the piano is still in great condition, it probably hadn't been tuned for several years since some of the notes were more than half a tone too low!

As soon as I have a little bit more time for myself, I'm planning to go through all the musical parts I can find in the bench and will attempt to refresh my skills progressively.

11 years without a piano might sound painful at first... The tuner thought about it and made sure the middle pedal (used to soften and lower the volume) worked well so I can practice without bothering the whole neighbourhood!

Bye Bye Beloved Swatch!


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Those who have known me for a while know how passionate I am about Swatch watches. Even though I've never considered myself a true collector, one could, untill yesterday, count as many as 17 of them scattered in different drawers and boxes at home

My resolution : OUT!

Since I don't use most of them anymore, I've agreed to get rid of my unused watch inventory. To reward myself, I bought a new bracelet and polished the clock of my everyday Swatch so that it'll last me longer...