Meet Blackperl


Written on 6:43 p.m. by Unknown

Have you ever played Puzzle Pirates? Until recently my answer to that question would have been: "Puzzle What??"

But then, my friend Marie-Elizabeth, aka Redrhum, introduced me to that online multi-player puzzle game. You can see right here the first portrait taken of my Pirate called Blackperl, Fleet Officer of the Sea Lords crew in the Viridian Ocean. Of course she now wears much fancier clothes than this but the prices of making a new portrait is out of her budget after just purchasing a new house...

I will not lose myself in describing this great game since Brad Cook already wrote a detailed article about it.

Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates is free, simple to learn, compatible on Mac and PC, and allows you to interact with other pirates navigating and pillaging the same Ocean as you.

If you decide to give it a try and create your own pirate, make sure you navigate in the Viridian Ocean and please say hi to Blackperl if she's online by typing /tell Blackperl Ahoy!

Congratulations to a new Master of Engineering


Written on 3:15 p.m. by Unknown

Several years of hard work and determination brought Brian to Place-des-Arts last Friday for McGill University Graduates convocation 2006 where he was awarded his Master of Engineering.

A very important "piece of paper" that does not even mention the program he completed (aerospace) or the quite impressive cumulative GPA of 4.0/4.0 that he managed to maintain throughout these 5 - 6 years of graduate studies...

Random facts :

  • Nobody knows if the bagpipist was wearing undergarments under his traditional kilt
  • Jean Béliveau made a remarkable speech
  • The live music was excellent
  • The President Vice-Chancellor's French was horrible
  • Brian's family's seats were simply the best!

Does that piece of paper makes him smarter, more serious or credible?

I'll let you be the judge of that...

Congratulations Brian! We're all very proud of your accomplishments! Even those of us who just couldn't be there in person...

5 Years Already


Written on 2:09 p.m. by Unknown

Brian and I being the big sushi amateurs that we are, it should not come as a surprise to hear we celebrated our 5th year together with a nice sushi dinner yesterday evening.

The place we normally go to for sushi is called Sushi Mou-shi and is located in Greenfield Park. However, yesterday we both wanted to try something new and closer to our new home.

We ended up at Kimono restaurant in St-Hyacinthe and were both very impressed with the place. We had reserved a tatami for two so we were give this small private dining room with japanese style sliding doors. The decor is impeccable. The sushi was simply excellent and the warm sake was also a delight. There was a good choice of music and we had control over the lighting. It was the perfect place and time to have a very romantic sushi dinner to celebrate our 5th year. I had a great time.

Kimono is not a sushi restaurant. It is an Asian restaurant where we decided to have sushi... But we loved the place so much that we talked about going back with more people and try their other Asian specialties.