15 km hike in Rougemont with Luka


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The beautiful weather today made it perfect for a long walk in the mountain with Luka. It was both our first time in Rougemont and we had a great time.

Since we returned home tonight, Luka's been sleeping on the floor and doesn't even bother to blink when my cat Romeo steps on him. The poor dog is beat!

I'm considering another trip to Rougemont next weekend, with Planet, Rex and their owners, if the weather permits.

Welcome to Jerrika's Lounge!


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It's finally ready: Welcome to Jerrika's Lounge!Picture graciously taken by René Lafontaine.

Bye bye BCX!


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Wednesday, Brian and I both quit the Balboa ConneXion team (BCX).

It was three great years of fun practicing, learning and dancing with the team and we wish them the best of luck with their coming participation at the US open in Anaheim. Why am I wishing them luck? They don't need luck, they're GOOD!!!

We'll be with you guys! Keep the spirit up and dance your way to the first pole! We are looking forward to the pictures of the team holding that trophy and coming back with a fat cheque! ; )

Don't forget us, we know we won't forget you!


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Johnny Depp Cry-Baby

Old memories... I love that movie! Awwww....

Jivin' at A&W


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Jivin' at A&W, originally uploaded by Jerrika.

Good ol' fun at A&W Chateauguay on the Cruisin' the dubb Tuesdays.

This is a picture of me and Ryan, doing a couple of jive basics. The shot was taken by Marie-Elizabeth Lebrun photographer extraordinaire and a very bad quality camera, which explains the lack of image definition.

Don't miss the grand finale on Sunday September 17th at noon. Over 100 old cars and hotrods are expected, plus animation, the usual 50's music and the A&W root beer of course!

To learn how to jive, visit www.JiveStudio.com

JiveStudio Opening its Doors in Montreal


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flyer_JiveStudio, originally uploaded by Jiver007.

So many people have asked me where they could learn to dance "that thing you dance on rockabilly music" in the past that now I can't trace them back...

FINALLY, a new dance school devoted to the teaching of Jive is opening its doors in Montreal! I strongly recommend anyone who ever felt like learning this dance to visit JiveStudio.com ASAP or give MAF a call (see flyer) to register for the next session.

Marc-André Forget, the teacher, is the Jive Canadian Champion 2006 and has learned 6 years ago from the now famous Miss Wolff.

Romeo in all his glory!


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My cat Romeo is camera shy but I couldn't resist to take a snapshot of him when he was sunbathing in the afternoon light on the sofa.

Finally, a picture fair to his beauty!