15 km hike in Rougemont with Luka


Written on 10:18 p.m. by Unknown

The beautiful weather today made it perfect for a long walk in the mountain with Luka. It was both our first time in Rougemont and we had a great time.

Since we returned home tonight, Luka's been sleeping on the floor and doesn't even bother to blink when my cat Romeo steps on him. The poor dog is beat!

I'm considering another trip to Rougemont next weekend, with Planet, Rex and their owners, if the weather permits.

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  1. Anonyme |

    Fall colours...
    Beautiful scenery: water, mountain, trees, leaves, but where are the apples?

    Cynthia and Luka in nature, very photogenic indeed!

  2. Marie-Elizabeth |

    That's a really nice pic of you and Luka!!

  3. MAF |

    J'imagine que c'est pour ca que tu n'es pas venu à Québec city...
    J'allais dire que t'avais manqué une belle fin de semaine mais je vois que tu en as bien profité !

  4. Hannah |

    I've been living in Rougemont for the past couple months and am interested to find some good trails. I happened upon this blog and am interested where you found this 15 K trail. email me at hlhemmelg@gmail.com, or reply here!


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