A Halloween Night


Written on 1:59 p.m. by Unknown

A great halloween party started at Mark's place where we watched the very famous movie "Killer Klowns of Outer Space". Around midnight, we were ready to hit the bars and ended at a very cool place... what was the name again? Mark? You gotta help me here! Anyways, we all had tons of fun and are looking forward to next year's!

Note, Marie-Claude, our favorite Jester, is not in the picture because I think she was actually taking the photo.

Back from Sept-Iles


Written on 10:34 p.m. by Unknown

I'm back from spending a couple of days in Sept-Iles with Luka. We had a blast. How fun was it to run and walk on the beach with Luka wandering around me, free of his lead?

My grand-parents were, as usual, very welcoming and treated me like a queen. Rich foods and other goodies kept coming my way and I have to admit I didn't do much to stop them!!! It had been 2 years and a half since my last trip to Sept-Iles and I have missed everybody a great deal.

Random facts

  • my windshield got slightly damaged by a flying rock on our way there :(
  • my digital camera stopped functionning for no apparent reason :(
  • Luka is now able to go to "the toilet" off-leash :)
  • Luka's calling for attention has increased :(
  • I performed 2 job interviews over the phone while I was in Sept-Iles :)

A cold day at the beach


Written on 2:42 p.m. by Unknown

I went to Sept-îles with Luka to visit relatives. While there, we had a very fun afternoon on Monaghan Beach even though the day was freezing cold and very windy. It was Luka's first time on the beach (to my knowledge), his first time running off-leash, his first time chewing seaweed, and his first time walking on the moon. I tried getting Luka to go fetch his ball, and even a stick but the new environment left him very uninterested in old games and old toys...

Thanks to my cousin Patricia for the pictures. Enjoy!