FordFest - Walking on Sunshine


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FordFest - Walking on Sunshine
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Here is a short preview of what you missed today...

The Jello Shots at Ford Racing Festival


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Today was a long day for The Jello Shots. No only did they play last night at St-Ciboire and had to get up early this morning to go get the stage ready at the Ford Racing Festival 2006 on Crescent for their mid-day performance, but they played in full suits, under the sun a long 90 minute set and they still had another gig to attend at night at McKibbin's West Island! Good luck boys!!!

The day was gorgeous, the crowd was fun, everything was just perfect for a day of outdoor sightseeing. After the show, we went to Winnie's across the street to grab a bite with some friends and the band.

I'm wondering how things went at McKibbin's... I'm sure they did great (as they always do) but I'm expecting tomorrow to be a very slllllow day for my beloved guitarist...

Dishwasher Ramble


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Our new house is over 50 years old and never had a dishwasher installed. Things have to change. There is no way Brian and I will wash our dishes by hand eternally, certainly not after leaving a perfectly good dishwasher behind us for my brother to use!

The initial challenge was that our kitchen has lots of cabinets but they are completely full and necessary, and there is no space left for an regular dishwasher, only maybe a portable one.

Too bad we got rid of our brand new portable dishwasher in January, only months before knowing we would be moving out in June! Good timing Kagoux... very lucky...

After visiting a couple of places for appliances, we realized we would never waste our time ever again at Maison Ethier (St-Basile-Le-Grand) and would go directly to Corbeil Electroménagers (Brossard). The prices are better, the showroom has a lot more models and the staff is much better informed about their products.

After seeing the variety of portable dishwasher they had, we concluded that maybe it would be worth the effort of clearing one whole cabinet unit and installing a regular dishwasher instead of the portable types that are:

  • more expensive
  • more noisy
  • less efficient
  • less stylish

So, we dug in our pockets and invested in what we believe is a fancy dishwasher (the Kitchen Aid model shown right), convinced that it would be as simple as paying the bill and wait for the technician to come install it. Wrong.
  1. The technician takes care of all necessary plumbing but nothing electrical, so it is our responsibility to make sure there is a 120V power outlet underneat the countertop.

  2. RemovingDestroying the unit required 1 person pulling the countertop upward while 2 others were pulling on the cabinets, lots of patience, pure strengh as well as a good jigsaw
So, now that the cabinet is out of its hole, we still need to appoint an electrician to come install the necessary power outlet AND saw the bottom part since the dishwasher won't be sitting on anything else than the floor...

Just when you think it's finally getting over, that all the boxes are cleared and the cabinet unit is out of the counter, you turn around and see the new mess : drawers sitting everywhere on the dining room floor, waiting for me to find them a new home!

Sounds like it's going to be a fun week... Washing the dishes manually was not that bad afterall !

The Show Must Go On!


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I went to see the Jello Shots tonight, at Brutopia downtown Montreal. The music was good and the crowd was most interesting...

An old enthusiast has managed to borrow Mark's mic during a song and stole the show with his improv "It's All About Love", which led a hip hop amateur to borrow the mic too!!! Overall, the song lasted a good 8 minutes 30 seconds and the musicians were taken hostages of their new singers.

How was it? I will let you be the judge:

The show must go on!
Video sent by Jerrika

Bleezer to the rescue


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The big blogger that I am felt quite frustrated to be wasting a good 45 min. on the train, every morning and every night, with no access to internet, so I couldn't use the time to update my blogs!

For every problem related to computers, a solution exist somewhere on the web and can usually be found with a short search on Google.

Bleezer is a freeware (free software) that can be used to prepare your blog postings when you're offline. In my case, it allows me to maximize my time on the train to write, compose, correct, illustrate and translate my postings so that they can be uploaded to my blog in just a click or two the moment I get online.

This program could also prove very useful for travellers keeping a journal on their laptop. They can write as many posts as they want at the moment they want and then simply upload it all when they get internet access, even for a short duration.

It works with Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress and many more.

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Pear, originally uploaded by Jerrika.

I promised an update on the pears... Here it is!

New Camera - Meet the Victims


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My parents offered me a very nice digital camera as an early birthday present and I started experimenting a bit with it tonight...

Meet my happy victims:

Brian, practicing his guitar (above)

Tixie, recovering from an eye treatment (left) and Sam-Edward from two angles (middle and right)

Romeo, visibly not impressed with my new toy (above)

Aloha - Hawaiian Night


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Saturday August 19th at 9PM, come danse and party with us at Vieux Rosemont (5860 De Lorimier, Montreal) for the much awaited for Hawaiian Night.


Bring your yukulele, coconuts and flower necklaces: it's gonna rock Hawaiian Style!