Movie Review : Plan de Vol (7/10)


Written on 12:43 p.m. by Unknown

As I'll be taking the plane soon for Australia, I had the brilliant idea of watching a suspense movie in which the action is taking place on a plane flying over the Atlantic.

Jodie Foster is excellent in her role of a mom who just lost her husband in a tragic accident fall from a rooftop. She's flying the coffin from Berlin to New York and, on board is her 6 years old daughter. When mom wakes up from a nap, the daughter is nowhere to be found and no passenger admits seeing the little girl.

This movie had the potential to be excellent if it was not for the plot. I stopped believing in the story right when we found out what was really going on, because it was too far fetched. Entertaining and excellent movie with a bad ending.

Journal de voyage - Brisbane, AUSTRALIE


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Je prends l'avion avec Brian ce dimanche en direction pour New York, puis Sydney, pour terminer avec Brisbane, où je resterai pour un séjour d'un mois chez mes parents.

J'ai vraiment très hâte de partir, mais je suis aussi très nerveuse car j'ai peur d'oublier quelque chose d'important.

Mon blog se transformera donc en journal de bord pour les quelques prochaines semaines afin de pouvoir faire découvrir à ceux que ça intéresse Brisbane de la façon que je vais la découvrir.

Une partie des textes sera peut-être écrite en français et une autre en anglais selon l'inspiration du moment. Tout comme Marie-Élizabeth avant moi, je prévois utiliser un code de couleur pour les distinguer rapidement. L'anglais sera donc en blanc et le français en jaune. Like this.

A Little Change of Plans...


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The Sushi Night 1st Brossard edition was fantastic! I had soooo much fun!!!

What was the change of plans? Well, the Gauvin brothers are so hard to get a hold of that I only had JP's cell phone and he still hasn't return the message I left Wednesday morning.

Alex - a former colleague - just happened to invite me to a sushi restaurant for the next day so we agreed to still do the sushi night tonight and at my place instead of going to a restaurant.

His girlfriend, Caroline, made most of the maki rolls herself and gave me a good hand at cutting the vegetables and fish.

Brian totally impressed me by saving the night with awesome tempura from a recipe he found online! It was delicious and fried to perfection! Did I say fried? Yes, I bought myself a fryer for the occasion!!!

Even Alex - who claimed he could only boil water - managed to cook the rice just to perfection, and that, without using my rice cooker, which is still to be found in one of the unopened boxes!

Being only 4, we didn't have the same variety of fish and sushis as I got used to in Rouyn with 7 pairs of hands to contribute... So, we did without the red tuna, I couldn't get my hands on a new box of fortune cookies and nobody made the nigiri sushi. Despite all this, it was a great experience that I'm looking forward to do again and keep the tradition going!

Pssssssst! Peter! Thanks a lot for the plates: they were inaugurated tonight and everybody loved them... it was perfect for the 4 of us! :)

Sushi Night - 1st Brossard edition


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After getting together with the Gauvin brothers yesterday, I realised they are BOTH big fans of sushi and so are their respective girlfriends!

Woohoo!!! Guess what *that* means! The sushi nights are back! The first occurence will be Thursday OR Friday of this week. I still need to confirm when the Jello Shots' practice is so that we make sure Brian can be present at the sushi night. I will host it in our appartment in Brossard, and I will keep you posted on the final date.

If you have a car and would be available to do the grocery shopping with me earlier on one of these nights, please email me at:

Elie's Birthday at Fu Lam (Laval)


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Yesterday night was Elie's bday party at Fu Lam, in Laval.

Despite the food that was so-so and the ambiance that was horrible (imagine an employee vaccum cleaning the room while you're eating), the attendees made the joy of the party.

The Boudreau family:

  • Patricia + JF
  • Marie-Lise
  • Guillaume
  • Élie + Sylvie
  • Louise + André
  • Christopher
The Gauvin family:
  • Jean-Philippe + Claudia
  • Guillaume + Julie
  • Herby + Renelle
  • JP & Guillaume's cousin
  • 2 of Renelle's sisters
The Quenneville family:
  • Charles
  • Cynthia + Brian
  • Louise

Sheesha at Ramses


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Drou, René, Brian and I all went to café Ramses tonight, in Brossard.

This place has a lot to offer: cool atmosphere, good quality sheesha, decent fast food and very nice seating area...

The bad points: expensive (sheesha is 13$ instead of 8$ in typical middle eastern restaurants downtown)

About sheesha...

  • also known as shisha, hookah, hubble bubble, argile, nargileh
  • is a water pipe used for smoking flower or fruit flavored tobacco
  • can usually be purchased at middle eastern grocery stores and boutiques in the montreal area

It's good to be home!


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I'm back in Brossard.

Surrounded with boxes, I forgot how much work it is to move into an appartment already furnished and full of my bf's stuff. How long will it take me to finish? Right now, it seems like eternity...

The computers are plugged and running on internet. My fish tank is installed properly with my fishies swimming happily in what they've missed for a long week: space.

Brian's out tonight again with The Jello Shots for a gig at Winnie's October Fest and I might go see him later but I don't want to miss the MSK swing night at Gert's tonight featuring Colin Perry & the Blinds, a couple of blocks away... I think I'll try to run between both.

Living with a musician is quite a change of lifestyle for the typical 7am-3h30pm working girl that I was... I like to play the groupie and attend his every gig but going to bed at 4am takes some time to get used to. It's a good thing I'm not working!