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I'm all dressed vintage for the Return of the Ring 2005

Return of the Ring


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Return of the Ring? What Ring?

I'm referring here to the Swing Ring. The Swing Ring is a fabulous Ballroom that's perfect for hosting swing events in Montreal. In fact, it's where he swing scene started about 6-7 years ago in Montreal and the place closed it's doors somewhere at the end of 2001.

Last weekend, Saturday to be precise, the Swing Ring has made a big return. The Jello Shots gave an astonishing performance on stage and brought back the magic from the old days. The place came to life again and was sold out very fast. Some dancers came back from Toronto, Quebec, Rouyn-Noranda ;) to enjoy the Return of the Ring.

Here are some pictures from the Swing Ring in 1999

I'll put some pictures of the Return of the Ring as soon as they're made available. Boy! What a night we had!

This event was organised to finance and promote the Montreal Exchange 2005.

What Magic Girl Am I ?


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You prize nobility above all else, striving to be reunited with your prince. Apart from this, you treasure your friendships most of all. Unwilling to compromise your values in search of your dreams, you often seem to create more trouble than solve it. However, your persistence is what sets you apart from all others.

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Goodbye Jean-Paul


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Goodbye Jean-Paul. May you rest in peace and watch over us from above.

Watercolor Blog


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Hi, you saw my first 4 watercolor paints but I didn't want to oerflow this site with all of them so I created another blog to keep track of them. The blog is in French but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Jerrika's Watercolor Gallery