Meet Blackperl


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Have you ever played Puzzle Pirates? Until recently my answer to that question would have been: "Puzzle What??"

But then, my friend Marie-Elizabeth, aka Redrhum, introduced me to that online multi-player puzzle game. You can see right here the first portrait taken of my Pirate called Blackperl, Fleet Officer of the Sea Lords crew in the Viridian Ocean. Of course she now wears much fancier clothes than this but the prices of making a new portrait is out of her budget after just purchasing a new house...

I will not lose myself in describing this great game since Brad Cook already wrote a detailed article about it.

Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates is free, simple to learn, compatible on Mac and PC, and allows you to interact with other pirates navigating and pillaging the same Ocean as you.

If you decide to give it a try and create your own pirate, make sure you navigate in the Viridian Ocean and please say hi to Blackperl if she's online by typing /tell Blackperl Ahoy!

Congratulations to a new Master of Engineering


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Several years of hard work and determination brought Brian to Place-des-Arts last Friday for McGill University Graduates convocation 2006 where he was awarded his Master of Engineering.

A very important "piece of paper" that does not even mention the program he completed (aerospace) or the quite impressive cumulative GPA of 4.0/4.0 that he managed to maintain throughout these 5 - 6 years of graduate studies...

Random facts :

  • Nobody knows if the bagpipist was wearing undergarments under his traditional kilt
  • Jean Béliveau made a remarkable speech
  • The live music was excellent
  • The President Vice-Chancellor's French was horrible
  • Brian's family's seats were simply the best!

Does that piece of paper makes him smarter, more serious or credible?

I'll let you be the judge of that...

Congratulations Brian! We're all very proud of your accomplishments! Even those of us who just couldn't be there in person...

5 Years Already


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Brian and I being the big sushi amateurs that we are, it should not come as a surprise to hear we celebrated our 5th year together with a nice sushi dinner yesterday evening.

The place we normally go to for sushi is called Sushi Mou-shi and is located in Greenfield Park. However, yesterday we both wanted to try something new and closer to our new home.

We ended up at Kimono restaurant in St-Hyacinthe and were both very impressed with the place. We had reserved a tatami for two so we were give this small private dining room with japanese style sliding doors. The decor is impeccable. The sushi was simply excellent and the warm sake was also a delight. There was a good choice of music and we had control over the lighting. It was the perfect place and time to have a very romantic sushi dinner to celebrate our 5th year. I had a great time.

Kimono is not a sushi restaurant. It is an Asian restaurant where we decided to have sushi... But we loved the place so much that we talked about going back with more people and try their other Asian specialties.

A Halloween Night


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A great halloween party started at Mark's place where we watched the very famous movie "Killer Klowns of Outer Space". Around midnight, we were ready to hit the bars and ended at a very cool place... what was the name again? Mark? You gotta help me here! Anyways, we all had tons of fun and are looking forward to next year's!

Note, Marie-Claude, our favorite Jester, is not in the picture because I think she was actually taking the photo.

Back from Sept-Iles


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I'm back from spending a couple of days in Sept-Iles with Luka. We had a blast. How fun was it to run and walk on the beach with Luka wandering around me, free of his lead?

My grand-parents were, as usual, very welcoming and treated me like a queen. Rich foods and other goodies kept coming my way and I have to admit I didn't do much to stop them!!! It had been 2 years and a half since my last trip to Sept-Iles and I have missed everybody a great deal.

Random facts

  • my windshield got slightly damaged by a flying rock on our way there :(
  • my digital camera stopped functionning for no apparent reason :(
  • Luka is now able to go to "the toilet" off-leash :)
  • Luka's calling for attention has increased :(
  • I performed 2 job interviews over the phone while I was in Sept-Iles :)

A cold day at the beach


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I went to Sept-îles with Luka to visit relatives. While there, we had a very fun afternoon on Monaghan Beach even though the day was freezing cold and very windy. It was Luka's first time on the beach (to my knowledge), his first time running off-leash, his first time chewing seaweed, and his first time walking on the moon. I tried getting Luka to go fetch his ball, and even a stick but the new environment left him very uninterested in old games and old toys...

Thanks to my cousin Patricia for the pictures. Enjoy!

15 km hike in Rougemont with Luka


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The beautiful weather today made it perfect for a long walk in the mountain with Luka. It was both our first time in Rougemont and we had a great time.

Since we returned home tonight, Luka's been sleeping on the floor and doesn't even bother to blink when my cat Romeo steps on him. The poor dog is beat!

I'm considering another trip to Rougemont next weekend, with Planet, Rex and their owners, if the weather permits.

Welcome to Jerrika's Lounge!


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It's finally ready: Welcome to Jerrika's Lounge!Picture graciously taken by René Lafontaine.

Bye bye BCX!


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Wednesday, Brian and I both quit the Balboa ConneXion team (BCX).

It was three great years of fun practicing, learning and dancing with the team and we wish them the best of luck with their coming participation at the US open in Anaheim. Why am I wishing them luck? They don't need luck, they're GOOD!!!

We'll be with you guys! Keep the spirit up and dance your way to the first pole! We are looking forward to the pictures of the team holding that trophy and coming back with a fat cheque! ; )

Don't forget us, we know we won't forget you!


Written on 11:32 p.m. by Unknown

Johnny Depp Cry-Baby

Old memories... I love that movie! Awwww....

Jivin' at A&W


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Jivin' at A&W, originally uploaded by Jerrika.

Good ol' fun at A&W Chateauguay on the Cruisin' the dubb Tuesdays.

This is a picture of me and Ryan, doing a couple of jive basics. The shot was taken by Marie-Elizabeth Lebrun photographer extraordinaire and a very bad quality camera, which explains the lack of image definition.

Don't miss the grand finale on Sunday September 17th at noon. Over 100 old cars and hotrods are expected, plus animation, the usual 50's music and the A&W root beer of course!

To learn how to jive, visit

JiveStudio Opening its Doors in Montreal


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flyer_JiveStudio, originally uploaded by Jiver007.

So many people have asked me where they could learn to dance "that thing you dance on rockabilly music" in the past that now I can't trace them back...

FINALLY, a new dance school devoted to the teaching of Jive is opening its doors in Montreal! I strongly recommend anyone who ever felt like learning this dance to visit ASAP or give MAF a call (see flyer) to register for the next session.

Marc-André Forget, the teacher, is the Jive Canadian Champion 2006 and has learned 6 years ago from the now famous Miss Wolff.

Romeo in all his glory!


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My cat Romeo is camera shy but I couldn't resist to take a snapshot of him when he was sunbathing in the afternoon light on the sofa.

Finally, a picture fair to his beauty!

FordFest - Walking on Sunshine


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FordFest - Walking on Sunshine
Video sent by Jerrika
Here is a short preview of what you missed today...

The Jello Shots at Ford Racing Festival


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Today was a long day for The Jello Shots. No only did they play last night at St-Ciboire and had to get up early this morning to go get the stage ready at the Ford Racing Festival 2006 on Crescent for their mid-day performance, but they played in full suits, under the sun a long 90 minute set and they still had another gig to attend at night at McKibbin's West Island! Good luck boys!!!

The day was gorgeous, the crowd was fun, everything was just perfect for a day of outdoor sightseeing. After the show, we went to Winnie's across the street to grab a bite with some friends and the band.

I'm wondering how things went at McKibbin's... I'm sure they did great (as they always do) but I'm expecting tomorrow to be a very slllllow day for my beloved guitarist...

Dishwasher Ramble


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Our new house is over 50 years old and never had a dishwasher installed. Things have to change. There is no way Brian and I will wash our dishes by hand eternally, certainly not after leaving a perfectly good dishwasher behind us for my brother to use!

The initial challenge was that our kitchen has lots of cabinets but they are completely full and necessary, and there is no space left for an regular dishwasher, only maybe a portable one.

Too bad we got rid of our brand new portable dishwasher in January, only months before knowing we would be moving out in June! Good timing Kagoux... very lucky...

After visiting a couple of places for appliances, we realized we would never waste our time ever again at Maison Ethier (St-Basile-Le-Grand) and would go directly to Corbeil Electroménagers (Brossard). The prices are better, the showroom has a lot more models and the staff is much better informed about their products.

After seeing the variety of portable dishwasher they had, we concluded that maybe it would be worth the effort of clearing one whole cabinet unit and installing a regular dishwasher instead of the portable types that are:

  • more expensive
  • more noisy
  • less efficient
  • less stylish

So, we dug in our pockets and invested in what we believe is a fancy dishwasher (the Kitchen Aid model shown right), convinced that it would be as simple as paying the bill and wait for the technician to come install it. Wrong.
  1. The technician takes care of all necessary plumbing but nothing electrical, so it is our responsibility to make sure there is a 120V power outlet underneat the countertop.

  2. RemovingDestroying the unit required 1 person pulling the countertop upward while 2 others were pulling on the cabinets, lots of patience, pure strengh as well as a good jigsaw
So, now that the cabinet is out of its hole, we still need to appoint an electrician to come install the necessary power outlet AND saw the bottom part since the dishwasher won't be sitting on anything else than the floor...

Just when you think it's finally getting over, that all the boxes are cleared and the cabinet unit is out of the counter, you turn around and see the new mess : drawers sitting everywhere on the dining room floor, waiting for me to find them a new home!

Sounds like it's going to be a fun week... Washing the dishes manually was not that bad afterall !

The Show Must Go On!


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I went to see the Jello Shots tonight, at Brutopia downtown Montreal. The music was good and the crowd was most interesting...

An old enthusiast has managed to borrow Mark's mic during a song and stole the show with his improv "It's All About Love", which led a hip hop amateur to borrow the mic too!!! Overall, the song lasted a good 8 minutes 30 seconds and the musicians were taken hostages of their new singers.

How was it? I will let you be the judge:

The show must go on!
Video sent by Jerrika

Bleezer to the rescue


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The big blogger that I am felt quite frustrated to be wasting a good 45 min. on the train, every morning and every night, with no access to internet, so I couldn't use the time to update my blogs!

For every problem related to computers, a solution exist somewhere on the web and can usually be found with a short search on Google.

Bleezer is a freeware (free software) that can be used to prepare your blog postings when you're offline. In my case, it allows me to maximize my time on the train to write, compose, correct, illustrate and translate my postings so that they can be uploaded to my blog in just a click or two the moment I get online.

This program could also prove very useful for travellers keeping a journal on their laptop. They can write as many posts as they want at the moment they want and then simply upload it all when they get internet access, even for a short duration.

It works with Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress and many more.

Powered by Bleezer



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Pear, originally uploaded by Jerrika.

I promised an update on the pears... Here it is!

New Camera - Meet the Victims


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My parents offered me a very nice digital camera as an early birthday present and I started experimenting a bit with it tonight...

Meet my happy victims:

Brian, practicing his guitar (above)

Tixie, recovering from an eye treatment (left) and Sam-Edward from two angles (middle and right)

Romeo, visibly not impressed with my new toy (above)

Aloha - Hawaiian Night


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Saturday August 19th at 9PM, come danse and party with us at Vieux Rosemont (5860 De Lorimier, Montreal) for the much awaited for Hawaiian Night.


Bring your yukulele, coconuts and flower necklaces: it's gonna rock Hawaiian Style!

Back on track with YBB and WOWY!


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I gave a try to Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB) in February this year. I stuck religiously to the program for a nice 5 weeks and was enjoying the results, so WHY did I fell off the wagon?

I started the program when I was unemployed. When I started working again and my already busy evenings with the Canadian Swing Championships, Balboa ConneXion, le Club des activités branchées and my job search, I couldn't keep up with the workout routine anymore... Then, the opportunity to buy a house presented itself and I was trapped for a couple of months into the wheel of visits, negociation, preparation, moving, painting, renovating, etc.

Am I just making excuses? Probably. I guess I *could* have continued but it was easier at the time to just interrupt it and start seriously again when I can. THE TIME HAS COME.

Yoga Booty Ballet is a full workout program of BeachBody composed of Yoga, Pilates, Ballet and cardiovascular. It targets the deadly stomach/hips/thighs section women hate so much, while keeping you focused on your goals with the help of meditation.

It comes in several tapes or DVD for the conveniency of working out from home.


Being the social person that I am, working out from home - alone - can be very difficult. Especially finding the motivation and self-discipline to stick to the program and not cheat. A great tool that's made it possible for me is WOWY.

WOWY - Work Out With You (also provided by BeachBody) is a free online support system open to everyone who's serious about their workout.

  • Calendar of workouts
  • Personal Diary
  • Transformation tracker
  • Statistics
  • Online "gym"
  • Cooldown chatroom
  • Workout groups
  • Possibility to schedule your workout and find workout buddies who will care if you're not there ;)
Since I started back from scratch, today is day 3 of week 1 of my program. It means that for the third day in a row I worked out at YBB on WOWY and tomorrow is rest day! : )

If you wanna try WOWY, feel free to appoint me to one of your workouts, my username there is Jerrika.

If you're looking for workout DVDs but don't think Yoga Booty Ballet is the right for you, have a look at the other BeachBody products: they really have a program for everyone!

See you in the gym!



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It's so good to hear the real notes (on pitch) on our new piano! Even if the piano is still in great condition, it probably hadn't been tuned for several years since some of the notes were more than half a tone too low!

As soon as I have a little bit more time for myself, I'm planning to go through all the musical parts I can find in the bench and will attempt to refresh my skills progressively.

11 years without a piano might sound painful at first... The tuner thought about it and made sure the middle pedal (used to soften and lower the volume) worked well so I can practice without bothering the whole neighbourhood!

Bye Bye Beloved Swatch!


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Those who have known me for a while know how passionate I am about Swatch watches. Even though I've never considered myself a true collector, one could, untill yesterday, count as many as 17 of them scattered in different drawers and boxes at home

My resolution : OUT!

Since I don't use most of them anymore, I've agreed to get rid of my unused watch inventory. To reward myself, I bought a new bracelet and polished the clock of my everyday Swatch so that it'll last me longer...



Written on 6:20 p.m. by Unknown

That's right! Our new back yard also includes a pear tree and the pears are already starting to enjoy some sun rays!

To be continued...

Happy Quebec National Day!


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Isn't he handsome? Here's a picture of my boyfriend, Brian, on Quebec National Day last weekend.

Who said patriotism couldn't be sharp-dressed?

We had a gorgeous day and had lunch outside under the trees of our new back yard. Moving into this house is a lot of work but it sure is worth every drop of sweat!

A Girl's Ramble


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If this post is qualified girl ramble it can only be about... men!

I presently work at Aon's new office downtown Montreal. I say "new" office because some of Aon employees are still at the "old" location, waiting to be moved.

Yesterday, I came back from lunch to find an "admirer" note on my desk...

The note said he had been watching me for the last two days prior to approaching me with the note. Then he signs his first name, and mentions he is the tall guy from the movers crew and left his phone number.

Surprised, flattered and then curious to know who the author of the note is, I have tried to see him in the halls where the crew spent some time earlier. But since yesterday at lunch time, the movers are nowhere to be found on our floor and I'm starting to think that it is probably why he wrote the note in the first place: knowing that he would soon be gone?

Too bad I didn't get a chance to talk directly to him... There's no way I would call this stranger only to let him know I'm already in a serious relationship! but I also feel awkward letting him wait to see if he'll get a call or not. I mean, the guy had the guts to leave a flattering note... doesn't he deserve a straight answer?

On June 21st, we GET OUT!


Written on 10:05 p.m. by Unknown

It's official, the truck has been reserved: Wednesday June 21st is our moving day!

The countdown has started and untill then, I will be extremely difficult to contact. Internet will not be installed before a couple of weeks so don't be surprised to find me less often 'online' and see my blog getting dusty.

Last weekend's yard sale was a big hit and some customers promised to keep their eyes open for the second edition expected shortly after the moving day. Unfortunately, our success with the yard sale made the painting job a big flunk. I needed the guys' help all day on Saturday with the yard sale so we ended up doing a lot less painting than we thought.

Despise the delay with paint, Brian and I started to stay over at the house to better catch up on the painting and Romeo is already settled. There is still a lot to be done untill the 21st!

Yard Sale and Painting Party this Weekend!


Written on 1:52 a.m. by Unknown

This Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th, between 10AM and 5PM, come by 493 Helen Street in Otterburn Park to see our mega yard sale.

You can expect anything from bed matresses to lamps, tables, beads, dishes and a lot more!

No reasonable offer will be refused. Everything must go. You're sure to find something you like!

***ATTENTION*** We need extra help for painting a few rooms inside the house AND helping with the yard sale outside. If you want to help for one or the other, we offer free pizza and (cold) beer to all our helpers! Email me at to confirm your presence.

It sounds like Spring!


Written on 11:23 p.m. by Unknown

Have you met Romeo yet? He's my siamese-mixed cat. Yesterday, he earned his name.

Romeo is about 7 years old now. When he arrived to my place 6 years and a half ago, he was neutered and has been enjoying the indoor life since then... with the exception of a few escapades he made from my bedroom window, which he found a way to push the screen out of its frame to clear his way out.

Since a couple of weeks now, it smells like Spring in our 2 bedrooms appartment. For a mysterious reason, Romeo seems to have developed the bad habit of marking his territory. Unfortunately for me, the indoor cat's territory happens to be constituted of curtains, bags against a wall, guitar case, etc.Yesterday night, he ran off another time through the window in our bedroom. Exhausted and upset, I decided to close the window, knowing that his "supper" had not been served yet and that he would be back begging for it soon. Brian and I confortably watched an episode (ar*hum... 3 episodes) of the serie "24" and forgot about him

Half-way through the second episode, we were hearing some complaining. "Voices" that were moaning and almost grunting! At first, I thought it could be kids or teens teasing each other on the boardwalk near our window but after a few repetitions, my curiosity had the best of me and I went to the window to find... a short black haired pussycat that flew away as soon as she saw me ...and Romeo who was calmly walking towards me so I could let him in!!!

Last thing I wanna do is starting rumors, but it is certain that my "half-male" cat has recently found his inner self, and that, neutered or not, Spring fever has revived his most primal instincts!

Speaking about flowers... see OURS!


Written on 2:43 p.m. by Unknown

In my last post I showed you flowers from downtown Montreal and said the apple trees and lilacs were still taking their time to bloom.

Wait no longer! I have pictures of the crabapple tree and the macintosh apple tree on our new house freshly taken this morning. Apparently, it will be a good year for the lilac on the other side of the house as well... pictures will come in time.

"our" macintosh apple tree in bloom

"our" Crabapple tree in bloom

It's My Turn To Make You Jealous


Written on 10:53 p.m. by Unknown

Alright, the picture is small and the resolution is as bad as the best I could get out of my cell phone today in the late afternoon.

In any case, there's no tropical paradise that can compete with the beauty of the soft Spring in Montreal when all the trees get overwhelmed with flowers from which emane a divine scent.

There's a lot more to come! Think about the apple trees and lilacs that are still making us await their bloom!!!

(picture taken behind Place-des-Arts, Montreal)

And yet another contract!


Written on 9:43 a.m. by Unknown

Temporary workers ususally need to have strong nerves and a stronger than average ability to adapt to new environments and situations in order to deal with the fear of the unknown and emptiness associated with the beginning and ending of every mandate.

Fortunately for me, the job market has a lot to offer in the moment.

Since the completion of my last mandate as an executive assistant in March, I immediately started on a new project as a department secretary in April finishing today. Tomorrow, I'm starting in a new division of the same company and for a minimum of one month duration with a possibility of becoming permanent. Moreover, this time I had the choice between this mandate and another one similar but at a lower rate (wage).

We can't really say I was unemployed for a long time… and since I started accepting short mandates, I haven't been out of a job for a single day!

My secret? I use the help of a temporary personnel agency.

Obviously, as with anything else, different agencies offer different levels of customer service, quality and specialize in different types of jobs or to a specific industry.

Here is a non exhaustive list of a few personnel agencies recognized for administrative work in the Montreal area:

Working with an agency
  1. Identification of our goals: the first step into achieving any project is always to identify our objectives.
    • Desired type of work?
    • Minimum and maximum duration desired?
    • Maximum acceptable distance (transportation)
    • Salary expectations?
  2. Resume creation or update
  3. Registering with an agency
    • Calling the agency : call an agency and ask to speak to a consultant for temporary administrative work. Ask him/her how to submit your resume and insist for meeting with him/her for an interview.
    • The tests:normally, when you show up for the interview, you will be asked to complete a number of tests depending on the type of work for which you seem qualified. The most popular ones are: French and English grammar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, typing speed and data entry (keypunch and alphanumerical). The most versatile you are, the longer you will be there! A 30 minutes period is allocated to every test. The results will help determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to place you in positions you can shine in!
    • The interview: a 30 minutes interview will allow the consultant to better understand your work experience, your goals and expectations. The ideal candidate will be dressed in a corporate/classic fashion, will have a clean speech and a confident attitude. Be prepared to explain every rupture in the dates on your resume as well as the reason for the termination of every past employment.
    • The follow-up: after the interview, it is important to maintain a good contact with the person who met with you, so she does not forget who you are. It is usually recommended to call in once a week to see if she got new mandates that would fit your profile. Ask which day of the week is the best to phone for your follow-ups.

      BBQ season is open!


      Written on 10:36 a.m. by Unknown

      Yesterday, the weather was simply unbelievable. We had the nicest blue sky, a very soft breeze and a radiant sun.

      Unfortunately for him, Brian was enslaved by his school project which is due sometime this week... So he decided to catch a few sunrays by working outside, on the terasse.

      In the meanwhile, I went with my good neighbour "Pôlin" to Costco to have the propane bottle filled and we organised a nice barbecue dinner. Katherine prepared a salad, Pôlin took care of the BBQ cooking, and I was in charge of setting the table, preparing lemonade and making sure nobody needs anything. What a great night!

      BBQ season is officially open!

      Language Reconstruction


      Written on 12:36 p.m. by Unknown

      I started to be annoyed at posting twice the same exact message on my blog just to offer the text in both languages...

      Not that it was too much of an effort to do it, but I thought it was inefficient and repetitive for most of my friends who are fluent in both languages to see twice as much text as they needed AND for those who only understand English or French, it must have been quite annoying having to scroll and search for the section they will understand.

      This is the end of this old era. I now created another blog called Le Boudoir de Jerrika, which is going to reflect exactly the same posts as I have here in The Lounge, only, everything will be in French. I am trying to implement a system in which you can access the French blog from the top of the page and/or switch the language of any post by clicking the French or English link at the bottom of the post.

      Thank you for your patience, understanding, and bug reporting during the reconstruction!

      6th May's Performance


      Written on 2:50 p.m. by Unknown

      On Saturday May 6th, come and see the greatest competitors in Quebec, right here in downtown Montreal !

      As soon as 8PM, come by for the Move of the Month, taught by mystery guests from Quebec City... Bring your friends and family too, because there will be an intro to swing lesson given simultaneously by teachers from Swing ConneXion !

      At 9PM, it's Showtime! Our guest artists include:

      • Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau, founders of Swing ConneXion, Canadian Champions since 2003, guest teachers around the world;
      • Balboa ConneXion, the brand-new Montreal-based Balboa team;
      • Benjamin Ricard & Geneviève Kérouac, World Lindy Hop Champions 2005, directors of Port-O-Swing in Quebec City and aerials specialists;
      • QCX, from both Quebec City and Montreal, formed with the cream of the dancers from both cities;
      • and many other dancers who will show you their best, before taking it out on the competition dance floor in Canada and elsewhere in 2006! Some of them are seasoned competitors; others will star in their first show on May 6th.
      Come and encourage them all, because competition is an expensive dream, and getting quality Quebec representation outside of the borders is... priceless !

      After the show, wind out, dance, and let the good times roll with the music of Zack Richard and Swing and the City (exceptionally moved from Thursday to Saturday). At 10:30PM, discover a brand-new SCX initiative: the Battlefield. For the first edition, two teams were drawn out from a pool of volunteers, and will be put face to face on May 6th. Who will win? You be the judge. What's the prize? Glory, and the love of the people!

      If you have any more energy afterwards, the night is not over: get yourself to the Jazz Hot (372 Cremazie E) and their live band for a night of dancing... Get there with your fundraiser ticket and get in for only $5 !

      You can get your tickets from ME through one of 2 options:
      1. Email me at to make arrangements if you want to pay me in person and so I can hand you the tickets directly.
      2. Click on the Paypal button below to pay for the desired number of tickets and write the name under which you would like the tickets to be kept at the front desk on May 6th. Don't forget to bring an ID to identify yourself !!! :)

      This is an ideal place to bring your friends and family who want to discover what swing is !


      Where: Victoria Gym (1822 Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC)
      When: Saturday May 6th, 8PM
      How much: $10 in advance, $12 at the door

      ClamXav for Mac OSX and virus issues


      Written on 10:13 p.m. by Unknown

      I thought I'd never have to run a virus scanner on my computer again when I bought my iBook last year. While it's true that viruses that attack Mac OSX are fewer than those attacking the different versions of Windows, after receiving tons of emails from fans every day, you're bound to catch something eventually...

      For some reason, yesterday was the day.

      I receive my emails from 3 accounts into my Mail application via pop3. One of them is rarely used because it's one of those ugly emails provided by my ISP and I have a few old subscriptions that still get in through that email. I received 3 emails in there yesterday.... over 900 times!!! Imagine: 989 new emails in your inbox and all you can find in it are tons of carbon copies of the same 3 emails you didn't need to receive in the first place!

      I came across ClamXav today and thought I would give it a try. So far, so good. The software is free(donationware), open-source, and acclaimed by Mac Update with a good 4.5 stars out of 5. Since I'm scanning the whole laptop for a potential virus, it should take some time to scan.

      Untill now, nothing has been discovered. I'll keep you informed.

      About my new car


      Written on 1:01 p.m. by Unknown

      A Toyota Camry 1991 = 1$
      Car insurance for a year = 150$
      License & immatriculation = 144$
      1/2 tank of "super" gas = 40$
      New car battery = 94$
      Oil change = 20$

      The autonomy to go where you want, when you want = priceless.

      Coin Rolls & Flip


      Written on 10:10 p.m. by Unknown

      Coin Rolls & Flip
      Video sent by zhirou
      That's what I call BODY ISOLATION!!!

      That's it! I'll start practicing tonight! ;)

      Photos de la nouvelle maison


      Written on 10:38 p.m. by Unknown

      Voici quelques photos de la maison, tel que promis!

      C'est confirmé: on va être de vrais Otterburnois!


      Written on 1:17 p.m. by Unknown

      Ça y est! Sortez tambour et trompettes: le couple Cascarano-Quenneville va s'approprier une jolie maison à palliers multiples d'Otterburn Park.

      Pour les curieux... Je me suis procuré des images satellites de l'endroit (euh... non, non, pas de rumeurs, c'est pas Brian qui a ramené ça du bureau!).

      À venir: photos intérieures de la maison! :)

      Première maison


      Written on 9:44 a.m. by Unknown

      Après plusieurs années à jeter de l'argent par les fenêtres à chaque mois dans le loyer de mon 4 et demi de la Rive-Sud, il est normal de commencer à souhaiter pouvoir troquer mon appartement pour une propriété qui me permettrait éventuellement d'aller rechercher une partie de mes paiements mensuels lors de sa vente.

      Par contre, une maison ça coûte pas mal plus cher que mon 4 et demi. Donc le projet d'acheter n'était pas prévu pour cette année mais plutôt d'ici 2 ans.

      Voilà maintenant que la maison de la grand-mère de Brian appartient conjointement à son père et sa tante (par succession) et qu'elle serait à vendre, à Otterburn Park (près de Beloeil).

      Hier, nous sommes allés souper avec lesdits propriétaires afin de voir leur ouverture à la possibilité de s'entendre sur un prix sans l'intermédiaire d'un agent immobilier. Horreur et surprise: l'évaluateur venait tout juste de rendre son rapport qui statuait que la maison pourrait se vendre 196 000$ sur le marché ouvert!

      Première réaction: c'est beaucoup trop cher. Deuxième réaction: c'est trop cher. Troisième réaction: comment pourrait-on faire baisser le prix dans une zone plus abordable pour un premier achat? Arriverons-nous à nous entendre sur un prix convenable?

      Évidemment, la maison nous intéresse beaucoup. Elle n'exigerait pas de rénovations majeures, est située près de plusieurs services, sur un coin de rue d'un quartier résidentiel tranquille. Des arbres fruitiers arborent la grande cour arrière et l'espace intérieur nous permettrait finalement d'avoir un coin réservé pour la danse et l'entraînement.

      Cette projection n'est-elle qu'un rêve qui s'envolera dès les négociations entamées?

      Cours de jive avec Paul Mako


      Written on 4:48 p.m. by Unknown

      Ça fait longtemps que vous en demandez, ça y est Paul Mako est finalement de retour pour vous offrir, avec sa partenaire Jenny Bismuth, des cours de jive de qualité pour débutants !

      Paul a découvert le jive en 1998 et a marqué la scène montréalaise de plus d'une façon. Cet ancien co-propriétaire du Swing Ring (aussi connu sous le nom de Club 48) a dailleurs formé plusieurs excellents danseurs tels que Adam G. Duff, Stéphane "Jiver" Collin et Benjamin Ricard et a offert des ateliers à Québec et Montréal. Au fil des ans, il s'est perfectionné et a développé un style unique duquel émane une inspiration à la fois swing et salsa. On le reconnaît pour son style et sa créativité débordante qui lui permet d'innover avec de nouveaux mouvements sur une base continue.

      Paul et Émilie en 2000 au Swing Ring

      Les cours:
      • Quand: les Jeudi de 19h à 21h, débutant le 13 avril 2006.
      • Où: Studio Swing ConneXion
      • Combien: Seulement 140$ par personne pour 8 semaines de cours (16 heures)
      • Comment: envoyez votre nom, numéro de téléphone et le rôle que vous désirez apprendre (cavalier ou cavalière) à Les paiements peuvent être faits: par carte de crédit (Visa, Mastercard) ou débit (via PayPal en cliquant sur le bouton ci-dessous), ou en argent comptant lors du premier cours.

      *notez que les frais de PayPal (environ 3%) seront ajoutés au montant de votre inscription.

      Jive for Beginners with Paul Mako


      Written on 11:12 a.m. by Unknown

      You've been expecting it for a while and it's now happening: Paul Mako is finally back to offer you, with the help of his partner Jenny Bismuth, quality jive courses for beginners!

      Paul has discovered jive in 1998 and has left his footstep in the Motnreal scene in more ways than one. Indeed, this former co-owner of the Swing Ring (a.k.a Club 48) has also taught jive to several excellent dancers you know, namely Adam G. Duff, Stéphane "Jiver" Collin, and Benjamin Ricard and gave several workshops in Quebec city and Montreal. Throughout the years, he developped and mastered a very unique style from which we can feel an inspiration from swing and salsa. He is known for his incredible style and creativity which allow him to innovate with new moves constantly.

      Paul with Emilie at the Swing Ring in 2000

      The classes:
      • When: Thursdays from 7PM to 9PM, starting on April 13th
      • Where: Swing ConneXion Studio
      • How much: Only $140 per person for 8 weeks (16 hours in total)
      • How: email your name, phone number and the role you want to learn (lead or follow) to Payments can be made by PayPal (Visa, MasterCard accepted) or in cash at the door.

      *Please note that PayPal fees (approx. 3%) will be added to the registration price.

      Un p'tit 5$ pour encourager vos champions? $5 to help us win the US Open?


      Written on 11:35 a.m. by Unknown

      All Bal Team - 2e place au US Open 2005
      All Bal Team - 2nd place at US Open 2005

      Je m'entraîne au sein d'une troupe de danse appellée Balboa ConneXion et anciennement connue sous le nom du SAF All Bal Team (voir photo ci-haut). Cette année encore, nous avons besoin de la contribution de tous nos supporters pour pouvoir participer à la compétition du US Open à Anaheim, CA du 23 au 26 novembre 2006. I train with a dance troupe called Balboa ConneXion formerly the SAF All Bal Team (see picture above). This year again, we need all the help we can get from our supporters to organise this trip to the US Open in Anaheim, California from november 23rd to 26th 2006.

      Je vous invite donc à faire un p'tit don directement à l'aide de PayPal, qui m'aidera à payer billet d'avion et hôtel pour ce séjour chez nos voisins californiens en cliquant sur le bouton ci-dessous. You can use the button below to make a small donation through PayPal, which will help me cover the transportation and hotel costs for these couple of days in California.

      Merci de votre générosité! Toute aide est grandement appréciée.
      Thank you for your support! Every amount counts and is greatly appreciated.

      *Si vous voulez être listé parmi la liste des contributeurs, ajoutez l'information désirée(nom, site web, etc.) dans les commentaires ou notes additionnelles lors du paiement**If you want to be listed in the contributors list, make sure to send your info (name, website, etc) in the notes section of your payment.*

      Accrochez-vous solidement aux palmiers!


      Written on 9:11 a.m. by Unknown

      Vous voyez le petit point écrit Nouméa? C'est la capitale de la Nouvelle-Calédonie et c'est en plein là que mes parents habitent, parmi les cagoux. Pas trop loin du cyclone hein?

      Papa, maman, accrochez-vous solidement aux palmiers!

      Can you see the small dot with Noumea written on it? That's New Caledonia's capital and that's exactly where my parents live. Not too far from the twister heh?

      Dad, mom, please hang on to the palm trees!

      Heeeeee Haaaaaaa!


      Written on 10:51 a.m. by Unknown

      Samedi le 8 avril, c'est la fête à Nadine pis on va fêter ça à la Western!

      Avec les costumes encouragés, ça promet d'être beau! Il me reste donc 2 semaines pour me trouver un costume western... HELP!

      Saturday, April 8th is Nadine's birthday and we're celebrating it Western style!

      With the costume rule being in effect it promises to be quite a night to remember but that leaves me with 2 weeks to find one for me... HELP!!!

      Enlightening video about 9/11!


      Written on 9:10 a.m. by Unknown

      Merci à Crystelle pour m'avoir envoyé ce video ce matin
      Thanks to Crystelle who sent me this link this morning

      Time to shed it off.../C'est le temps de perdre tout ça!


      Written on 9:17 a.m. by Unknown

      This is a picture of my cat Romeo. Romeo is a siamese mix with rather long and thick hair. Every year, when Spring arrives I try to get him a good trim so he doesn't lose all of it on my couch and rug... It's about time to make an appointment for this year! Stay posted to see the 'after' picture sometime soon...

      Ceci est une photo de mon chat Roméo. Roméo est un chat croisé siamois avec un pelage plutôt long et épais. Chaque année lorsque le printemps arrive, j'essaie de le faire tondre pour empêcher que le plus gros ne tombe sur mes meubles et tapis... Il commence à être temps d'y penser pour cette année! Une photo 'après tonte' sera disponible sous peu...

      ils m'énervent!!!


      Written on 8:42 a.m. by Unknown

      Ben oui! C'est de mes parents que je parle!

      Pendant que le Québec tout entier essaie de se remmettre des temps gris et froids (bon printemps tout le monde!), moi je reçois des photos que mes parents prennent dans leur quotidien en Nouvelle-Calédonie.

      Bon c'est sûr que j'aime bien avoir de leurs nouvelles et voir ce qui les entoure là-bas... mais je suis verte de jalousie!!! Moi aussi j'veux plonger avec des poissons de toutes les couleurs et voir des gros voiliers se stationner devant chez moi! Je partage quelques-unes des dites photos qui m'on fait baver dernièrement...

      Pour en savoir plus sur la Nouvelle-Calédonie, visitez Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme-Sud