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Written on 12:36 p.m. by Unknown

I started to be annoyed at posting twice the same exact message on my blog just to offer the text in both languages...

Not that it was too much of an effort to do it, but I thought it was inefficient and repetitive for most of my friends who are fluent in both languages to see twice as much text as they needed AND for those who only understand English or French, it must have been quite annoying having to scroll and search for the section they will understand.

This is the end of this old era. I now created another blog called Le Boudoir de Jerrika, which is going to reflect exactly the same posts as I have here in The Lounge, only, everything will be in French. I am trying to implement a system in which you can access the French blog from the top of the page and/or switch the language of any post by clicking the French or English link at the bottom of the post.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and bug reporting during the reconstruction!

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  1. Lorraine Méthot |

    Tu auras bien du travail devant toi pour réussir cet objectif! C'est très logique et généreux de ta part. Je viens tout juste de revisionner les photos de votre maison. Je les aime beaucoup. C'est un très beau modèle pratique et facile à moderniser si vous le désirez. Cependant, vous pouvez y vivre bien des années sans rien y refaire. Elle est très jolie comme ça!


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