Happy Birthday Charley!


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Today's my beloved brother's 23rd birthday

Charles, Chuck for his friends, is a very calm, intelligent, generous and loyal person. Always discovering new passions, he can light up a whole room... when in a good mood!!! He is a person who does not let others see his true self easily but has a personnality that "pays to discover" (this post is partly sponsored by the discover card).

Other famous virgo men

Keanu Reeves, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Barry White, Mickey Rourke, Jason Priestly, Charlie Sheen, Michael Keaton, Macauley Culkin, Hugh Grant, Harry Connick Jr., Larry Hagman, Stephen King, Bill Murray, David Copperfield, Michael Jackson, Confucius

This Saturday

I'm organizing a little get-together for dinner on Saturday. If you're a friend of his and would like to know how to join us, email me at:

My fish tank is back to life!


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What better activity to enjoy with your loved one than fish shopping to design the best aquarium!

Instead of buying the quiet and pacifist tetras as planned, we chose to bring aggressive fish together since I already had an aggressive one in my tank.

We got out of the store with:

  • 2 living plants, 1 destroyed decorative car, stones
  • 2 tiger oscars (a kind of cichlids)
  • 1 betta (the fish everybody claims it has to be kept alone)
  • 1 shark
  • 1 sucker

They all joined my red cichlid. So far, if one looks weaker than the others, it's the betta. If one has to go first I think it'll be this one... It might only be an impression but he swims away from my cichlids even though he's bigger than them...

Download a video of my fish tank!!!

SaveFile - Free File Hosting (storage)


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Finally!!! I've put my hands on the best file storage service I could find online!


  • upload unlimited nb of files
  • unlimited bandwith limit
  • each file can be as large as 60Mb
  • totally free!!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Next project: I'll show you a VIDEO of my fish tank! ;)

Brian's bare head


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I have to say I'm partly guilty for this... Brian has contemplated the idea of shaving his head for quite some time recently but I didn't do anything to dissuade him; in fact, I might have encouraged him a little!

The Mr. Clean look is great! It's clean and a little bad...

El Paso's Grand Opening!!!


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Next weekend will be the El Paso Saloon/Bar's grand opening!

The first 50 clients to enter the saloon after 8PM on Friday and Saturday (100 in total) will be offered a free black leather cowboy hat!

*Please note that the hat may differ from the picture*

En fin de semaine prochaine, le bar/saloon El Paso ouvrira "officiellement" ses portes!

Pour célébrer l'occasion, une cinquantaine de chapeaux de cowboy en cuir noir seront offerts aux premiers clients à partir de 20h00 le vendredi, et une autre cinquantaine le samedi.

*Veuillez noter que le chapeau ne sera pas identique à la photo*

Je profite donc de l'occasion pour vous inviter tous à passer une belle soirée avec une thématique country, venir chercher votre propre chapeau de cowboys et peut-être même vous risquer sur une p'tite danse en ligne si l'alcool coupe suffisamment vos inhibitions!

Laissez un commentaire ci-dessous pour confirmer votre intérêt et si vous avez une préférence pour le samedi ou le vendredi.

En espérant vous compter en grand nombre!

My New Watercolor Crayons


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Thank you Normand! Because his internship is ending soon, he offered each one of us a special little present.

I'm so happy! I got watercolor crayons! A box of 24 just like the picture above. Today, I tried making a painting with them but I'm not satisfied of the result so I'll have to learn how to work with these..

Pictures: Weekend in Aiguebelle


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I promised to update on our trip to Aiguebelle with a couple of pictures...

Here are some pictures taken by Peter during our trip 3 weeks ago. Enjoy!

Movie Review : The Island (4/5)


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This movie has a very interesting concept. Thousands of clones are secretely kept in a military underground facility to provide live human organs or babies to the clients who needed them.

These clones are humans and have feelings so they are told that the planet has been contaminated and that when their turn comes, they will join the other survivors on the paradise island to repopulate the world.

This is the story of two clone who escape and their journey into discovering the truth.

Movie Review : The Pianist (5/5)


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It took me a lot of time to actually see this movie because I was under the impression it was a love story of a pianist and his apprentice... WRONG!

This masterpiece is based on the true story of a jewish survivor of the World War II, in Poland. The acting is brilliant and the atmosphere built by the producer makes your feel the fear and horror of the era.

The best movie I've seen this year.

The Nicest Monument in Rouyn


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If I was asked to vote on the monument I like the most in Rouyn-Noranda, I would not hesitate one second before answering the fountain facing Osisko Lake near the hospital.

Thanks to René Lafontaine who took this amazing picture. See more of his pics by visiting his photoblog.

Tweed Pants


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Yes mom, I promised to show you my new tweed pants... and I'm putting the pictures here because half the rest of the world I'm surrounded with doesn't seem to knomw what tweed pants are.

For those who don't know me and wonder why I'm so excited about my new pants: it's because I have a lot of trouble finding pants that are long enough for me but these had 4 inches cuffs at the bottom and that provided the extra length I needed.

And yes, I should have ironed them before René took the pictures... ;)

Tomorrow: Cortizone Injection


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Tomorrow is the big day for my knee as it will receive its first and hopefully last cortizone injection to help get rid of my tendonitis.

I'm a bit nervous... Good thing 3 doctors told me there were no risk associated with this injection if it was done at a frequency less than 3 times a year.

Needles have a tendency to start vagal reactions on me, so I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but I'm sure it's all worth it.

After the injection, my knee needs to be at rest for a whole week, so I'm skipping soccer again, this Wednesday. Even more importantly, it means, no dancing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Brian's Brand New Irony Chrono


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Here's Brian's new Swatch - Irony Chrono. We got it yesterday to replace the other one he has recently lost.

I love the colours and details on this watch. The touch of black in the middle of the wristband nicely complements the look.

On top of being shock resistant and water resistant up to 30 meters deep, this watch features a nice chronometer.

Another interesting feature is that... it keeps time!

My Brand New Skin Chrono - Swatch


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For those who know me, you probably know my great interest and compulsion for Swatch watches. I just love the originality of their designs and the reliability that their watches offer.

Unfortunately, the watch I was wearing last has taken her last breath when I forgot to remove it when I went scuba diving.

This weekend, I was in Montreal and bought a new one, shown here. It is the Skin Chrono. This watch (obviously) offers a chrono, is the thinnest in the world, is shock resistant and water resistant to a maximum of 30 meters deep.

I love the bracelet: half is creme leather and the other half is thin metal.

A Great Thinker...


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A dishwasher is a woman's best friend


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I bought a new dishwasher today. This might sounds a bit like a stupid purchase since I already have one that's working fine.

The thing is, my actual dishwasher is in Brossard, about 6.5 hours from Rouyn-Noranda. Not very helpful when comes time to wash the dishes here!!!

So I thought I would buy another one for here and sell it when I go back to Brossard in about 6 months. It is brand new and will be delivered Friday afternoon.

If you think of buying a mobile clean and 6 months old GE dishwasher around February 2006, look no further! Mine will be available!

Pictures - Osisko en Lumières


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Osisko en lumières was quite impressive with 3 nights of fireworks over the lake.

René Lafontaine is a photographer who took a couple of shots during the event. See his work by clicking on the picture below:

Sushi night - 2nd edition


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Sushi night stroke back yesterday with a new attendee, who seemed to enjoy his time just as much as the rest of us.

Hugo, Yves, Normand, Claude, Blaise, Me

As you have probably noticed, I was the only woman there yesterday and to my own expense. I had to suffer Claude's lack of tact in regards to age and weight matters and comparison to my colleagues. Good thing I know him better and I know he was mostly being maladroit because he could have been in more serious trouble!!!
What was different from the 1st edition?

  • We got the amazing huge and expensive shrimps for the tempura
  • The tempura was perfect: no foaming, crisp, clear, perfect tempura (fresh oil is accountable for that success)
  • Less rice in the nigiri sushi, and lots of complaints from people who made them :P (yeah, when I make sushi rice, it's really sticky!)
  • Development of some versatility by Hugo who demonstrated great skills for rolling the maki sushi rolls and Yves, Claude and Blaise who experimented making the nigiri.

Perseids - Meteor Showers


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From Skytour:

PERSEIDS (maximum August 12, 17h UT [10am PDT; 1pm EDT])

Moon: First Quarter (minor interference)

Best viewing windows: Thursday evening into Friday morning, August 11/12, from 11pm until morning twilight gets too bright (4:30am or so). The best hours will be the morning ones. As a second option, Friday evening into Saturday morning, August 12/13, from 11pm until 4:30am. Rates may be fairly steady throughout the night.

Recommended for: Just about anyone in the northern temperate latitudes
Oh wow! Northern temperate latitudes: that sounds just like Rouyn-Noranda! Let's see if I can coerce people into driving to a place with little or no lights(such as Kekeko) to watch it on Thursday night!

If not, I'll be trying to see whatever I can from Osisko lake...

Today's diagnosis: tendonitis


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As many of you might have noticed since the CSC (Canadian Swing Championships) in May 2005, I complain a lot about pain in my leg - some might argue that I complain a lot, period, but that's another story - and this pain comes and goes whenever it pleases.

Today, I took action and finally went to the doctor. His diagnosis? A tendonitis in my knee.

2 choices were offered to me: several months of physiotherapy or one final injection of cortizone in my knee to heal everything... Where's the catch? I chose the injection and I'm still suspicious that something's got to be wrong with that choice... I just haven't figured out what exactly yet!

So I have an appointment next Tuesday for the cortizone injection and I'll have to suffer for one week of being careful afterwards, but then it *should* be a thing of the past and be gone for good...

We'll see how things go... I'll keep you updated.

Happy Birthday Brian!!!


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Today's Brian's 27th birthday.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to Montreal this weekend and therefore, the celebration is postponed untill next Saturday.

I've known him for almost 3 years now and I can say he still impresses me in many ways...

Brave, he never gives up by fear of failure
Respectuous, treats everyone in a courteous manner
Intelligent, can solve the toughest problems and be of great advice
Athletic, enjoys keeping his healthy spirit in a healthy body
Noble, a man of his word, will do the impossible to do the right thing and be fair to everyone.

I wish you the best for your 27th birthday and can't wait for next weekend to celebrate it with you and your family.

Movie Review : Fantastic Four (3.5/5)


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I found this movie entertaining. It's not the movie of the year or a masterpiece, but it reminded me of the old Fantastic Four cartoons that a was a very big fan of, as a child.

Wouldn't it be great to become invisible at will, like Susan? Or fly and turn to fire, or be elastic or be rock hard and strong?

This movie is very much Marvel, but very teenager. I liked everything from accting to picture to soundtrack and plot but I think it lacked a bit of depth and maturity in the jokes. Overall... a good movie to watch on a rainy day.

...Weird that they chose Jessica Alba for the part but had to die her hair blonde and give her blue contact lenses... With all the good blonde actresses out there!

Saloon / Bar El Paso - Heeeee Haa !!!


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You heard right, I said SALOON. Saloon as in Luky Luke. Saloon as in Country Line Dancing...

A new bar / saloon has opened its doors in Rouyn-Noranda - EL PASO. (Near the corner of Carter and 7th street)


  • Beautifully decorated with cactus on the walls, horse equipments and barn wood.
  • A wagon of peanuts! Eat the peanuts and throw the scales on the floor...
  • Best dancefloor in Rouyn-Noranda (approx: 500 ft square of hardwood)
  • 3 to 8pm = Sherriff's choice of beers (happy hours)
  • American country music (Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers, etc.)


  • Wednesday (3PM to 3AM) - Free line dancing classes starting in September
  • Thursday (3PM to 3AM) - FREE Buffet + LIVE Music
  • Friday (3PM to 3AM) - LIVE Music
  • Saturday (3PM to 3AM) - LIVE Music

*Pictures will come soon...

Osisko en Lumière - Aug 5-6-7th


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Next Weekend is Osisko en Lumière's big pyrotechnics party. Over 3 days of music shows, family entertainment and pyrotechnics every night.

Several known artists from Quebec and Ontario have confirmed their presence, including Boom Desjardins, Marie Mai and Swing.

Click the image to the left to access the official website.

Movie Review : Ripoux 3 (3.5/5)


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Good interesting police/gangster movie.

René Poiron(Noiret) is a gambler with important debts who gets his hands on 1.5 million Euros by being in the wrong place at the wrong moment, but gets the chinese services after him after he accidentally dropped the money in the sewers. His friend François (Lhermitte) helps him to get out of this mess with the help of his not-so-bright-apprentice policeman (Deutsch). A twisted Police story full of lies and false identities, to help a good man out of his bad tracks.

Movie Review : Maman Last Call (4/5)


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I love Sophie Lorain in this role! She's just so real! Patrick Huard also did a great job to personify a happy father-to-be, coping with his newly pregnant girlfriend's sudden mood swings and drama.

To keep or not to keep? Are you ever ready to become a parent? A lot of couple have to deal with those questions and I think anybody who sees that movie can identify to one character or at least see the resemblance with someone they know.

Movie Review : Wedding Crashers (4/5)


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If you like a nice romantic comedy, this is the movie to watch. The cast is excellent, with Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and the great Christopher Walken, you can be assured to laugh. The movie was funny and touching. Of course, like all wedding movies with a happy ending, you gotta like a bit of cheese! Nevertheless, I think if you enjoyed Meet the Fockers, Wedding Crashers is not far behind.