Perseids - Meteor Showers


Written on 9:48 a.m. by Unknown

From Skytour:

PERSEIDS (maximum August 12, 17h UT [10am PDT; 1pm EDT])

Moon: First Quarter (minor interference)

Best viewing windows: Thursday evening into Friday morning, August 11/12, from 11pm until morning twilight gets too bright (4:30am or so). The best hours will be the morning ones. As a second option, Friday evening into Saturday morning, August 12/13, from 11pm until 4:30am. Rates may be fairly steady throughout the night.

Recommended for: Just about anyone in the northern temperate latitudes
Oh wow! Northern temperate latitudes: that sounds just like Rouyn-Noranda! Let's see if I can coerce people into driving to a place with little or no lights(such as Kekeko) to watch it on Thursday night!

If not, I'll be trying to see whatever I can from Osisko lake...

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