My fish tank is back to life!


Written on 12:33 p.m. by Unknown

What better activity to enjoy with your loved one than fish shopping to design the best aquarium!

Instead of buying the quiet and pacifist tetras as planned, we chose to bring aggressive fish together since I already had an aggressive one in my tank.

We got out of the store with:

  • 2 living plants, 1 destroyed decorative car, stones
  • 2 tiger oscars (a kind of cichlids)
  • 1 betta (the fish everybody claims it has to be kept alone)
  • 1 shark
  • 1 sucker

They all joined my red cichlid. So far, if one looks weaker than the others, it's the betta. If one has to go first I think it'll be this one... It might only be an impression but he swims away from my cichlids even though he's bigger than them...

Download a video of my fish tank!!!

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  1. Anonyme |

    Vraiment excellent vidéo! Pierre a été particulièrement impressionné par le jeu des deux artistes habillés en rouge. Cela a fait notre journée ! Nous aimons vraiment beaucoup ta façon de communiquer.


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