Happy Birthday Brian!!!


Written on 9:42 p.m. by Unknown

Today's Brian's 27th birthday.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to Montreal this weekend and therefore, the celebration is postponed untill next Saturday.

I've known him for almost 3 years now and I can say he still impresses me in many ways...

Brave, he never gives up by fear of failure
Respectuous, treats everyone in a courteous manner
Intelligent, can solve the toughest problems and be of great advice
Athletic, enjoys keeping his healthy spirit in a healthy body
Noble, a man of his word, will do the impossible to do the right thing and be fair to everyone.

I wish you the best for your 27th birthday and can't wait for next weekend to celebrate it with you and your family.

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  1. Anonyme |

    Happy birthday Brian!
    Isn't it great to be a Leo! I hope you had a awesome day that will translate in another awesome year!

    All the best in all your endeavours, coz I know you're one busybody!


  2. Anonyme |

    Happy Birthday Brian!

    You know - it's all well and good to be a Leo, but my Gemini-Dragon self can still kick your ass! (Insert scary noise unique to two-headed dragons here)

    Ok... ok... you know how I am about age... it doesn't mean anything to me - so I won't call attention to the fact that your thirties are three years away or some crap like that... From my perspective, you have a fulfilling life, and that's what we all strive for at any age. Good for you and keep it up!

    Here's to another good one, 'little' brother,


  3. Anonyme |

    Happy Birthday Brian!

    You truley are an incredible person. Everything Cynthia wrote is true! And it has been a pleasure to work (well actually play) with you these last few months. I look forward to more Rooftops, Cigarellos, weird-cresent-people watching, and insane guitar soloing!!! 27 is actually a very good year! Enjoy it!

  4. canadianJaouk |


    Brian! Comment aller? premier message en francais! Fete bonne souhaiter a brian ami! Parler en language Jaouk-Gino. Personne comprendre! Esperer que avoir bon temps pendant fete, pis bon sex aussi (toujours) Jaouk s'ennuier de ami brian. Avoir fun ensemblre pis faire de la zizique psichadelique. Amitie!!!! Colargol! Bon ben Jaouk y aller la pis souhaiter bonne fete une fois, encore. Ah oui!


  5. Anonyme |

    Well well. Thanks guys and gals. This year was awesome and and looking forward to another great year coming up.

    And Horse/Lion can beat the crap out of Dragon/Gemini any day of the week (except Monday mornings, I don't do Monday mornings...)

    Hey Jaouque: Schmulargol pyjamarde chuboule (un peu de langage Jaouque/Gino/Briange)

    Cyn, thanks for the acrostic poetry, nice touch :)



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