A dishwasher is a woman's best friend


Written on 12:46 a.m. by Unknown

I bought a new dishwasher today. This might sounds a bit like a stupid purchase since I already have one that's working fine.

The thing is, my actual dishwasher is in Brossard, about 6.5 hours from Rouyn-Noranda. Not very helpful when comes time to wash the dishes here!!!

So I thought I would buy another one for here and sell it when I go back to Brossard in about 6 months. It is brand new and will be delivered Friday afternoon.

If you think of buying a mobile clean and 6 months old GE dishwasher around February 2006, look no further! Mine will be available!

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  1. Unknown |

    First run today: works like a charm! I didn't rinse anything ANYTHING! And when I specify that I didn't rinse anything it's because I had the stickiest stuckest oldest dirty cauldrons, pots and pans in there with wine glass on the top half.

    Nothing damaged, everything super clean. WOW. I should have done this a long time ago!


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