I'm moving back to Brossard!


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You heard right: my contract in Rouyn-Noranda has ended prematurely and my last day of work is Friday Sept 23rd (happy bday daddy!).

This week will be pretty crazy on my side, planning my move back to the South Shore.

My new dishwasher (purchased last month) is for sale! See it here and email me if interested @

Quart de siècle


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Tonight Brian and I were invited to Yves' annual couscous night. The couscous was great! Great food, great people. Unfortunately, Peter couldn't make it because he was scheduled for the night shift on Saturday.

Apparently, the dinner was also a pretext to celebrate my birthday(I'm turning 25 on Monday).

Great cake, great present. The present is composed of various regional products, as well as a jar of Curry made especially by Yves. THANK YOU!

Sushi Night


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Another successful sushi night! This time, the dinner was served at Hugo's place and the participants were:
Hugo, Yves, Cynthia, Peter, Genevieve and Odette.

  • Tempura: no foaming but lots and lots of delicious crisp shrimps and onion rings.
  • Maki rolls: no california this time, but big generous rolls, some with lobster instead of crabstick.
  • Nigiri sushi: red tuna, salmon, trout
We tasted several kinds of wine and sake. I was more than tipsy at the end of the night!

A Bit of Salt and Pepper


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The golf experience was great and made up for last year's boring attempt. People were in the best of moods and the weather was warm...

Food was excellent, as last year's, and I won a participation prize again: a set of 6 crystal Port wine glasses. Having too many glasses to know what to do with, I traded my prize with Fern's, and this is what I got in exchange for my glasses:

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden? No way!


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What am I doing this Sunday? Playing GOLF.
Don't laugh, I still hate golf and I hope Sunday can make me change my opinion about it. After all, if the weather is nice, and with a team of people I know, it can't be worse than a long walk in the park...

The reason behind my hatred of golf
Last year's golf outing was horrible: after 4 hours of cold wind and humidity, we were still working on that 9 holes! To top it off, I didn't know the people on my team, who were about my parents' age, so I didn't 'connect' with them.

My other only experience at that sport wa with my father on a practice field. Hitting one ball after the next really doesn't do it for me. All it achieved was to give me cramps in both hands and the frustration of not enjoying the field.

This Sunday
The teams start around 1PM. 2 teams will follow each other on each hole with the ladies starting closer to the green than the gentlemen. After the afternoon of golf, everybody should get together in front of a nice meal in the clubhouse.

Geek Stuff


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For those who don't know me yet, I'm a former PC user who got converted to Macintosh after reformatting my old pc 4 times winthin a year. So my old pc desktop didn't work and I sent it to a good friend for him to try the impossible. In the meanwhile I bought an ibook laptop by apple.

I went to Montreal last weekend and the old desktop was repaired and seemed to be working just fine. So I got a wireless router to share my internet connection, my printer as well as a couple of folders between my laptop and desktop. It works great! I can even bring my laptop to the restaurant next door and connect to the internet from there... Now why would I want to do that? No idea, but the fact that I *can* is satisfying nonetheless.