Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden? No way!


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What am I doing this Sunday? Playing GOLF.
Don't laugh, I still hate golf and I hope Sunday can make me change my opinion about it. After all, if the weather is nice, and with a team of people I know, it can't be worse than a long walk in the park...

The reason behind my hatred of golf
Last year's golf outing was horrible: after 4 hours of cold wind and humidity, we were still working on that 9 holes! To top it off, I didn't know the people on my team, who were about my parents' age, so I didn't 'connect' with them.

My other only experience at that sport wa with my father on a practice field. Hitting one ball after the next really doesn't do it for me. All it achieved was to give me cramps in both hands and the frustration of not enjoying the field.

This Sunday
The teams start around 1PM. 2 teams will follow each other on each hole with the ladies starting closer to the green than the gentlemen. After the afternoon of golf, everybody should get together in front of a nice meal in the clubhouse.

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