Language Reconstruction


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I started to be annoyed at posting twice the same exact message on my blog just to offer the text in both languages...

Not that it was too much of an effort to do it, but I thought it was inefficient and repetitive for most of my friends who are fluent in both languages to see twice as much text as they needed AND for those who only understand English or French, it must have been quite annoying having to scroll and search for the section they will understand.

This is the end of this old era. I now created another blog called Le Boudoir de Jerrika, which is going to reflect exactly the same posts as I have here in The Lounge, only, everything will be in French. I am trying to implement a system in which you can access the French blog from the top of the page and/or switch the language of any post by clicking the French or English link at the bottom of the post.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and bug reporting during the reconstruction!

6th May's Performance


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On Saturday May 6th, come and see the greatest competitors in Quebec, right here in downtown Montreal !

As soon as 8PM, come by for the Move of the Month, taught by mystery guests from Quebec City... Bring your friends and family too, because there will be an intro to swing lesson given simultaneously by teachers from Swing ConneXion !

At 9PM, it's Showtime! Our guest artists include:

  • Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau, founders of Swing ConneXion, Canadian Champions since 2003, guest teachers around the world;
  • Balboa ConneXion, the brand-new Montreal-based Balboa team;
  • Benjamin Ricard & Geneviève Kérouac, World Lindy Hop Champions 2005, directors of Port-O-Swing in Quebec City and aerials specialists;
  • QCX, from both Quebec City and Montreal, formed with the cream of the dancers from both cities;
  • and many other dancers who will show you their best, before taking it out on the competition dance floor in Canada and elsewhere in 2006! Some of them are seasoned competitors; others will star in their first show on May 6th.
Come and encourage them all, because competition is an expensive dream, and getting quality Quebec representation outside of the borders is... priceless !

After the show, wind out, dance, and let the good times roll with the music of Zack Richard and Swing and the City (exceptionally moved from Thursday to Saturday). At 10:30PM, discover a brand-new SCX initiative: the Battlefield. For the first edition, two teams were drawn out from a pool of volunteers, and will be put face to face on May 6th. Who will win? You be the judge. What's the prize? Glory, and the love of the people!

If you have any more energy afterwards, the night is not over: get yourself to the Jazz Hot (372 Cremazie E) and their live band for a night of dancing... Get there with your fundraiser ticket and get in for only $5 !

You can get your tickets from ME through one of 2 options:
  1. Email me at to make arrangements if you want to pay me in person and so I can hand you the tickets directly.
  2. Click on the Paypal button below to pay for the desired number of tickets and write the name under which you would like the tickets to be kept at the front desk on May 6th. Don't forget to bring an ID to identify yourself !!! :)

This is an ideal place to bring your friends and family who want to discover what swing is !


Where: Victoria Gym (1822 Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC)
When: Saturday May 6th, 8PM
How much: $10 in advance, $12 at the door

ClamXav for Mac OSX and virus issues


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I thought I'd never have to run a virus scanner on my computer again when I bought my iBook last year. While it's true that viruses that attack Mac OSX are fewer than those attacking the different versions of Windows, after receiving tons of emails from fans every day, you're bound to catch something eventually...

For some reason, yesterday was the day.

I receive my emails from 3 accounts into my Mail application via pop3. One of them is rarely used because it's one of those ugly emails provided by my ISP and I have a few old subscriptions that still get in through that email. I received 3 emails in there yesterday.... over 900 times!!! Imagine: 989 new emails in your inbox and all you can find in it are tons of carbon copies of the same 3 emails you didn't need to receive in the first place!

I came across ClamXav today and thought I would give it a try. So far, so good. The software is free(donationware), open-source, and acclaimed by Mac Update with a good 4.5 stars out of 5. Since I'm scanning the whole laptop for a potential virus, it should take some time to scan.

Untill now, nothing has been discovered. I'll keep you informed.

About my new car


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A Toyota Camry 1991 = 1$
Car insurance for a year = 150$
License & immatriculation = 144$
1/2 tank of "super" gas = 40$
New car battery = 94$
Oil change = 20$

The autonomy to go where you want, when you want = priceless.

Coin Rolls & Flip


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Coin Rolls & Flip
Video sent by zhirou
That's what I call BODY ISOLATION!!!

That's it! I'll start practicing tonight! ;)

Photos de la nouvelle maison


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Voici quelques photos de la maison, tel que promis!