ClamXav for Mac OSX and virus issues


Written on 10:13 p.m. by Unknown

I thought I'd never have to run a virus scanner on my computer again when I bought my iBook last year. While it's true that viruses that attack Mac OSX are fewer than those attacking the different versions of Windows, after receiving tons of emails from fans every day, you're bound to catch something eventually...

For some reason, yesterday was the day.

I receive my emails from 3 accounts into my Mail application via pop3. One of them is rarely used because it's one of those ugly emails provided by my ISP and I have a few old subscriptions that still get in through that email. I received 3 emails in there yesterday.... over 900 times!!! Imagine: 989 new emails in your inbox and all you can find in it are tons of carbon copies of the same 3 emails you didn't need to receive in the first place!

I came across ClamXav today and thought I would give it a try. So far, so good. The software is free(donationware), open-source, and acclaimed by Mac Update with a good 4.5 stars out of 5. Since I'm scanning the whole laptop for a potential virus, it should take some time to scan.

Untill now, nothing has been discovered. I'll keep you informed.

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