Sushi night - 2nd edition


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Sushi night stroke back yesterday with a new attendee, who seemed to enjoy his time just as much as the rest of us.

Hugo, Yves, Normand, Claude, Blaise, Me

As you have probably noticed, I was the only woman there yesterday and to my own expense. I had to suffer Claude's lack of tact in regards to age and weight matters and comparison to my colleagues. Good thing I know him better and I know he was mostly being maladroit because he could have been in more serious trouble!!!
What was different from the 1st edition?

  • We got the amazing huge and expensive shrimps for the tempura
  • The tempura was perfect: no foaming, crisp, clear, perfect tempura (fresh oil is accountable for that success)
  • Less rice in the nigiri sushi, and lots of complaints from people who made them :P (yeah, when I make sushi rice, it's really sticky!)
  • Development of some versatility by Hugo who demonstrated great skills for rolling the maki sushi rolls and Yves, Claude and Blaise who experimented making the nigiri.

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