Today's diagnosis: tendonitis


Written on 10:54 p.m. by Unknown

As many of you might have noticed since the CSC (Canadian Swing Championships) in May 2005, I complain a lot about pain in my leg - some might argue that I complain a lot, period, but that's another story - and this pain comes and goes whenever it pleases.

Today, I took action and finally went to the doctor. His diagnosis? A tendonitis in my knee.

2 choices were offered to me: several months of physiotherapy or one final injection of cortizone in my knee to heal everything... Where's the catch? I chose the injection and I'm still suspicious that something's got to be wrong with that choice... I just haven't figured out what exactly yet!

So I have an appointment next Tuesday for the cortizone injection and I'll have to suffer for one week of being careful afterwards, but then it *should* be a thing of the past and be gone for good...

We'll see how things go... I'll keep you updated.

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