On June 21st, we GET OUT!


Written on 10:05 p.m. by Unknown

It's official, the truck has been reserved: Wednesday June 21st is our moving day!

The countdown has started and untill then, I will be extremely difficult to contact. Internet will not be installed before a couple of weeks so don't be surprised to find me less often 'online' and see my blog getting dusty.

Last weekend's yard sale was a big hit and some customers promised to keep their eyes open for the second edition expected shortly after the moving day. Unfortunately, our success with the yard sale made the painting job a big flunk. I needed the guys' help all day on Saturday with the yard sale so we ended up doing a lot less painting than we thought.

Despise the delay with paint, Brian and I started to stay over at the house to better catch up on the painting and Romeo is already settled. There is still a lot to be done untill the 21st!

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