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If this post is qualified girl ramble it can only be about... men!

I presently work at Aon's new office downtown Montreal. I say "new" office because some of Aon employees are still at the "old" location, waiting to be moved.

Yesterday, I came back from lunch to find an "admirer" note on my desk...

The note said he had been watching me for the last two days prior to approaching me with the note. Then he signs his first name, and mentions he is the tall guy from the movers crew and left his phone number.

Surprised, flattered and then curious to know who the author of the note is, I have tried to see him in the halls where the crew spent some time earlier. But since yesterday at lunch time, the movers are nowhere to be found on our floor and I'm starting to think that it is probably why he wrote the note in the first place: knowing that he would soon be gone?

Too bad I didn't get a chance to talk directly to him... There's no way I would call this stranger only to let him know I'm already in a serious relationship! but I also feel awkward letting him wait to see if he'll get a call or not. I mean, the guy had the guts to leave a flattering note... doesn't he deserve a straight answer?

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