The Jello Shots at Ford Racing Festival


Written on 1:27 a.m. by Unknown

Today was a long day for The Jello Shots. No only did they play last night at St-Ciboire and had to get up early this morning to go get the stage ready at the Ford Racing Festival 2006 on Crescent for their mid-day performance, but they played in full suits, under the sun a long 90 minute set and they still had another gig to attend at night at McKibbin's West Island! Good luck boys!!!

The day was gorgeous, the crowd was fun, everything was just perfect for a day of outdoor sightseeing. After the show, we went to Winnie's across the street to grab a bite with some friends and the band.

I'm wondering how things went at McKibbin's... I'm sure they did great (as they always do) but I'm expecting tomorrow to be a very slllllow day for my beloved guitarist...

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