Bleezer to the rescue


Written on 7:12 p.m. by Unknown

The big blogger that I am felt quite frustrated to be wasting a good 45 min. on the train, every morning and every night, with no access to internet, so I couldn't use the time to update my blogs!

For every problem related to computers, a solution exist somewhere on the web and can usually be found with a short search on Google.

Bleezer is a freeware (free software) that can be used to prepare your blog postings when you're offline. In my case, it allows me to maximize my time on the train to write, compose, correct, illustrate and translate my postings so that they can be uploaded to my blog in just a click or two the moment I get online.

This program could also prove very useful for travellers keeping a journal on their laptop. They can write as many posts as they want at the moment they want and then simply upload it all when they get internet access, even for a short duration.

It works with Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress and many more.

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