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Have you met Romeo yet? He's my siamese-mixed cat. Yesterday, he earned his name.

Romeo is about 7 years old now. When he arrived to my place 6 years and a half ago, he was neutered and has been enjoying the indoor life since then... with the exception of a few escapades he made from my bedroom window, which he found a way to push the screen out of its frame to clear his way out.

Since a couple of weeks now, it smells like Spring in our 2 bedrooms appartment. For a mysterious reason, Romeo seems to have developed the bad habit of marking his territory. Unfortunately for me, the indoor cat's territory happens to be constituted of curtains, bags against a wall, guitar case, etc.Yesterday night, he ran off another time through the window in our bedroom. Exhausted and upset, I decided to close the window, knowing that his "supper" had not been served yet and that he would be back begging for it soon. Brian and I confortably watched an episode (ar*hum... 3 episodes) of the serie "24" and forgot about him

Half-way through the second episode, we were hearing some complaining. "Voices" that were moaning and almost grunting! At first, I thought it could be kids or teens teasing each other on the boardwalk near our window but after a few repetitions, my curiosity had the best of me and I went to the window to find... a short black haired pussycat that flew away as soon as she saw me ...and Romeo who was calmly walking towards me so I could let him in!!!

Last thing I wanna do is starting rumors, but it is certain that my "half-male" cat has recently found his inner self, and that, neutered or not, Spring fever has revived his most primal instincts!

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