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Written on 6:43 p.m. by Unknown

Have you ever played Puzzle Pirates? Until recently my answer to that question would have been: "Puzzle What??"

But then, my friend Marie-Elizabeth, aka Redrhum, introduced me to that online multi-player puzzle game. You can see right here the first portrait taken of my Pirate called Blackperl, Fleet Officer of the Sea Lords crew in the Viridian Ocean. Of course she now wears much fancier clothes than this but the prices of making a new portrait is out of her budget after just purchasing a new house...

I will not lose myself in describing this great game since Brad Cook already wrote a detailed article about it.

Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates is free, simple to learn, compatible on Mac and PC, and allows you to interact with other pirates navigating and pillaging the same Ocean as you.

If you decide to give it a try and create your own pirate, make sure you navigate in the Viridian Ocean and please say hi to Blackperl if she's online by typing /tell Blackperl Ahoy!

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