Sushi Night - 1st Brossard edition


Written on 1:43 p.m. by Unknown

After getting together with the Gauvin brothers yesterday, I realised they are BOTH big fans of sushi and so are their respective girlfriends!

Woohoo!!! Guess what *that* means! The sushi nights are back! The first occurence will be Thursday OR Friday of this week. I still need to confirm when the Jello Shots' practice is so that we make sure Brian can be present at the sushi night. I will host it in our appartment in Brossard, and I will keep you posted on the final date.

If you have a car and would be available to do the grocery shopping with me earlier on one of these nights, please email me at:

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  2. Hélène et Pierre |

    Hello Cynthia,
    Je mange maintenant du sushi toutes les semaines mais je suis un peu loin pour aller avec toi au marché... Je penserai à vous pendant que vous vous régalerez... les chanceux!

    Salutations aux Gauvin.


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