A Little Change of Plans...


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The Sushi Night 1st Brossard edition was fantastic! I had soooo much fun!!!

What was the change of plans? Well, the Gauvin brothers are so hard to get a hold of that I only had JP's cell phone and he still hasn't return the message I left Wednesday morning.

Alex - a former colleague - just happened to invite me to a sushi restaurant for the next day so we agreed to still do the sushi night tonight and at my place instead of going to a restaurant.

His girlfriend, Caroline, made most of the maki rolls herself and gave me a good hand at cutting the vegetables and fish.

Brian totally impressed me by saving the night with awesome tempura from a recipe he found online! It was delicious and fried to perfection! Did I say fried? Yes, I bought myself a fryer for the occasion!!!

Even Alex - who claimed he could only boil water - managed to cook the rice just to perfection, and that, without using my rice cooker, which is still to be found in one of the unopened boxes!

Being only 4, we didn't have the same variety of fish and sushis as I got used to in Rouyn with 7 pairs of hands to contribute... So, we did without the red tuna, I couldn't get my hands on a new box of fortune cookies and nobody made the nigiri sushi. Despite all this, it was a great experience that I'm looking forward to do again and keep the tradition going!

Pssssssst! Peter! Thanks a lot for the plates: they were inaugurated tonight and everybody loved them... it was perfect for the 4 of us! :)

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  1. Peter Lind |

    Glad to hear that the plates came to good use. We'll have to have another sushi night in Rouyn one of these days.



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