Elie's Birthday at Fu Lam (Laval)


Written on 1:22 p.m. by Unknown

Yesterday night was Elie's bday party at Fu Lam, in Laval.

Despite the food that was so-so and the ambiance that was horrible (imagine an employee vaccum cleaning the room while you're eating), the attendees made the joy of the party.

The Boudreau family:

  • Patricia + JF
  • Marie-Lise
  • Guillaume
  • Élie + Sylvie
  • Louise + André
  • Christopher
The Gauvin family:
  • Jean-Philippe + Claudia
  • Guillaume + Julie
  • Herby + Renelle
  • JP & Guillaume's cousin
  • 2 of Renelle's sisters
The Quenneville family:
  • Charles
  • Cynthia + Brian
  • Louise

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