It's good to be home!


Written on 9:24 p.m. by Unknown

I'm back in Brossard.

Surrounded with boxes, I forgot how much work it is to move into an appartment already furnished and full of my bf's stuff. How long will it take me to finish? Right now, it seems like eternity...

The computers are plugged and running on internet. My fish tank is installed properly with my fishies swimming happily in what they've missed for a long week: space.

Brian's out tonight again with The Jello Shots for a gig at Winnie's October Fest and I might go see him later but I don't want to miss the MSK swing night at Gert's tonight featuring Colin Perry & the Blinds, a couple of blocks away... I think I'll try to run between both.

Living with a musician is quite a change of lifestyle for the typical 7am-3h30pm working girl that I was... I like to play the groupie and attend his every gig but going to bed at 4am takes some time to get used to. It's a good thing I'm not working!

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  2. Hélène et Pierre |

    Bienvenue chez toi ! Nous sommes contents de savoir que cela te donne tant de satisfactions. Salutations à Brian et à sa famille.

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