Happy New Year 2005 !


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Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm finally back from the big xmas travelling around to see my family! I'm happy I don't have to rush into crowed shopping malls to find the perfect present for my loved ones anymore... I'm happy I can finally get some tranquility in the comfort of my appartment with my cat, enjoying a book or listening to music, and that the noisy social games with aunts and uncles laughing and making bad jokes untill early morning is all over...

If Xmas has its charms with presents and celebrations and gathering, it certainly gets to my head very fast and I want to evade the family parties and return to my more quiet life before too long.

Happy it's over. I gained a few pounds... probably... because I haven't checked it out really. But with all the sweets and desserts I got during the holidays I must have gained quite a lot. Enough to make me feel guilty for a good month or so.

Resolutions for 2005? I never really make resolutions, but here are my objectives for 2005: 1.-Make a good impression on my employer before the end of my contract. 2.-Be able to preserve my love relation despite the distance. 3.-Become a better personal financial planner.

Did you make resolutions?

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