The Perfect Weekend in Rouyn-Noranda with Charles


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My brother came to visit me for the first time in Rouyn-Noranda this weekend. The weather was fantastic and we made the most of it. Here is how it went:

Friday - Chuck's arrival and dinner at St-Hubert

  • Live music by two talented musicians
  • Good food
  • Funny waiter who gave us jokes material for the rest of the weekend

Saturday - Trekking and sightseeing at Parc d'Aiguebelle
  • Here are some pictures from Daiguebelle in late Fall just to give you an idea of the place. I'll post the pictures we took when they're developped.

The weather was perfect for a day at Daiguebelle, we had a nice picnic on top of the memorable stairs and enjoyed the view...

A very ambitious ant carried a huge piece of ham away in front of us and we waived and responded to a group of people from the other side of the lake (yes, as narrow as it looks, the water at the bottom is a lake, not a river!)

Peter, Normand, Hugo, Yes and I are now making plans to rent a cottage at d'Aiguebelle in August.

You can see a picture of the suspended bridge wehad to cross... The view from it was fantastic and I can' wait to see the pictures we took there.

Charles even said it'd be the perfect place to organise bungee jumping!

The night continued with a 'raclette' dinner at my place... Needless to say 9 wine bottles for 6 people was an ambitious challenge! (No, we didn't drink all the bottles, mom!)

Sunday - Crystal Beach

  • Natural spring water from an Esker (clear as crystal!)
  • Beautiful long beach of approx. 1Km width of nice soft sand
  • Lots lots of bikinis for the boys' lurking pleasure
  • This would be the perfect location for scuba diving or at least snorkling... Will Charles be tempted to return?
  • The night was complete after a dinner at restaurant Le Merlin and viewing Cinderella Man at the movie theater.

Image hosted by

Monday - Poker night

  • Normand organised a Poker night for the boys.
  • 5$ to participate
  • Charles won (put 5$ in and left with 20$). Woohoo! way to go!

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