Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...


Written on 9:12 a.m. by Unknown

How many centimeters of snow fall would you guess we received Friday? 5? 10? or even 15?

25cm?... That's what we were supposed to receive... but on Friday only we got a huge 42 cm of snow, breaking the last record from 1969 (38 cm). That's a lot of snow! I personnaly don't mind *that* much because usually the weather's nicer when it's snowy. Altough I have to say that digging the car out of a parking lot every 2 hours is not my favorite hobby.

No doubt. Winter is here. Dec 21st or not, winter is definitely here. To celebrate it, Brian and I are attending a one-day dance workshop given by Zack & Maryse of Swing Connexion school, located near De Castelneau metro station.

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  1. MAF |

    It's more around 42 cm...

  2. Unknown |

    Oh man, you're right! it just kept snowing and snowing and paralysed the streets of Montreal... Wow! 42 cm!!!


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