Update on the snow...


Written on 11:51 a.m. by Unknown

Despite Montreal's 3000 city snowclearing vehicules, it is expected to take another 5 days to finish clearing the few 4736 km of road from the few 42 cm of snow that fell during Friday's snowstorm. These operations alone are estimated to cost over 20 million dollars to the city of Montreal.

Untill then, drivers have to be patient and keep their eyes open for any temporary 'no parking' sign because they could pay both a parking fine and their own car's removal (tow) cost!

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  1. Hélène et Pierre |

    Pendant que des gens pleurent de rage à la pensée d'avoir à dégager leurs entrées et leurs voitures... moi de mon coté, je soupire de nostalgie à l'idée de passer un Noël sur le sable ! J'aime ça moi la neige !!!


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