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Written on 9:43 p.m. by Unknown

Funwebcams explained by Jerrika (Registration, Rules, Functionning, Who to find there, etc.)

Only a few months ago, I was going through personal webpages and found that someone was a regular user of FWC...

FWC? It stands for FunWebCams

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I had just bought a webcam the week before and I thought I might give it a shot and try it out since the information said it was FREE and I wanted to meet interesting people.

When I discovered FWC.... No, my life didn't change that much and I don't hold my head higher in public! This is not paid advertising... lol! But really, I was thrilled to find a chat room in which you can see the people you're talking to live on webcam.

The advantage it has versus MSN or Yahoo messenger is that you can enter a micro society of people with webcams and chat to them all at once!

Another thing I really appreciated, is that all the rooms are moderated. If someone wants to exhibit himself or herself on webcam, then every will applause but the requesting of any female to do things or get clothes off on her cam is not tolerated.

I recently created a French room, in which users are welcome to chat either in French or English and you can usually find me there!

Please if you try FWC, come say hello to me.... or....."bonjour"! Be careful though..... This chat program is addictive!

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  1. Anonyme |

    Hey thanks Jerrika..

    it was a really friendly chat site.. and very nice to meet you also..

    hope to get to know you more, I'm buying a webcam now so you can see me also

    I made some nice friends already !!



  2. Unknown |

    Wow Fred, that's great! Hope to see you on your new webcam very soon!

    Very glad you enjoyed it... 'See' you soon on FWC!


  3. Anonyme |

    Woohoohoo! You go, girl! I love funwebcams!

    What a lovely chat room! It was great to meet a cool bunch on their webcams.


  4. Anonyme |

    Hi Jerrika!

    It's porcelain from fwc .... it's lovely to see your blog .... i have one too but it's on livejournal hence my anonymity here!

    And let me just warn you that this becomes as addictive as funs ..... in fact since i really got up and running on mine .... adding myself to communities and so on ...i've been on it more tha fwc!!! it's crazy lol

    Anyway hopefully see you soon and keep having fun with your blog


  5. Anonyme |

    whicked blog spot jerri theres a option to do audio on this thing i think anyhoo o loved the pic of you in the white atiare and i watched hte movie after the revew

  6. Anonyme |

    don't have account yet jerri but very good keep up the good work. Rebel

  7. Anonyme |

    there are other video chat sites with nice people on them. try them all.


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