US Presidential Elections 2004


Written on 9:29 p.m. by Unknown

Hmmm.... What a total sadness! I personnally never thought Bush would be able to convince more than 50% of Americans to vote for him after his poor performance in the debates...

Here are other people who are just as sorry as me:

If your opinion is dfferent from mine, that's great! Would you be kind enough to post your views here?

I'm also interested in all funny webpages that deal with this topic.

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  1. JoeMmm |

    A wise man once said-

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while...

  2. bp |

    Well he doesn't really need %50. With the electoral college he doesn't need a majority of actual votes, just electoral votes. It is an odd system and I am not sure that it actually works, but oh well.

  3. bp |

    I am not an expert on the electoral system but here goes. As far as I understand it each state is assigned a certain number of electoral votes based on population, so california and texas are you're big ones. When a candidate wins a state they recieved the majority of votes in that state so they get all of the electoral votes from it, the other candidate doesn't get any credit for the votes that they recieved in a state that they lost. There are a few states that split their electoral votes between the candidates depending on how many votes each had but most of them it is winner takes all. Pretty much it just means that if a candidate takes California and Texas and a couple other states he pretty much has it made. In the 2000 election Busch actually did not have the majority of actual votes, but got enough electorals so he won.

    Sorry for the long winded post, but it is a little hard to explain.

  4. Unknown |

    Oh ok... don't worry about the lenght of the post, this blog is still young and empty! Thank you for the explanation. What do you think of the reliability of online voting system?

  5. drew |

    the whole online voting thing sounds like a plot to rig the voting system even more to me. think about it, i found your site through my good buddy bp. how hard would it be to hack into the vote tally page adn change a 10,000 to a 100,000? lets do it and see how long it takes bill gates to be king of the world. or bp. he knows computers like the back of his x-box.

  6. bp |

    Ah, online voting, sounds fun. It would work well until somebody managed to get in and elect mickey mouse president, then there would be some controversy and the media would freak out and people would be running through the streets, riots everywhere. Well.. maybe not that bad, but I don't think it could ever be trusted totally and loosing politicians would probably blame their loss on the system and demand re-elections and recounts it would be no good.

  7. Unknown |

    Any volunteers to change results to Mickey Mouse? I'm all for it!

  8. Dancin' Al |

    Hiya All,

    Okay, first of all the US electoral college (like most things in life) is based on history. So it isn't a surprise to see it makes no sense now as it was designed to make sense back then. Do you want to hear something messed up? If people in one state voted for Bush, then that state need not support Bush. Let me say that again, if people in one state *ALL* voted for Bush but the elected representative felt the votes did not reflect the people's will, then that elected official may cast the state's electoral votes for not-Bush (what was his name, Kerry, right right). Anyway, don't get your hopes up, that hasn't happened in a long long time.

    This whole thing to be smacks of logic. It was Bush vs not-Bush. If not-Bush really had a grip on teh country, then it could have cast a vote of no confidence (like in Yukoslavia), but then again that is what lead to civil war in Georgia. Maybe that's what the USA needs these days-- a civil war? I'm sure all their trade tariffs would dissapear overnight and they would be more than happy to see "dumping" in their markets. But that's just me being a pessimistic bugger. =)

    Dancin' Al


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