Swing Dancing... is it dead yet?


Written on 8:39 a.m. by Unknown

No, no, no, ladies and gents! The dance your grandparents remember from their young years is still well alive!

Very popular amongs university students of Montreal, it is part of what makes the city so vibrant in colours and energy.

For Swing in Montreal

Great schools in Montreal
Cat's Corner
Studio 88swing

My favorite dance troupes
The Swinging Air Force (SAF)
The SAF All Bal Team

International forums for Swing dancers

Music that Swings

As one dancer from the SAF All Bal Team would say: "Keep the Hop!"

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  1. Dancin' Al |

    I can't believe no one commented! Maybe you should post this on the swingmtl mailing list. =)

    Dancin' Al

  2. lizzzy |

    I’m from the Boston area. We have a core group of Swing Dancers/Lindy Hoppers here, but lately I’ve noticed it thinning out a bit. I get a bit worried. As if the second I embrace something it threatens to die out. Seems to me as if West Coast Swing is starting to gain in popularity. Is that popular up in Canda? I love the real swing, the Lindy with the Charleston Roots, the energy of it, along with Balboa, which is slowly catching on here.

  3. Unknown |

    Great! I went to Boston for Kevin and Carla workshop... so I might have met you already.

    Anyways, it's sad to hear that the swing scene is fading out in Boston as it's not the impression it gave me when I was there. You have some real good dancers there!

    I think it might only be a phase. In Montreal, the swing scene has experienced the same decreases in popularity always followed by peak periods. These fluctuations were often associated with changes in the students lifestyle (exams, study break, vacations, etc) because they constitute a large part of the scene. So I'm hoping that what you're describing is only temporary as well.

    I love balboa as well and I'm very happy to hear it's gaining popularity in Boston so I can bal with you guys next time I visit.

    For the West Coast Swing, we've had a few workshops in Montreal and several dancers have a growing interest in WCS but it's not as big as ECS, Lindy Hop, and now Balboa.

  4. Unknown |

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  5. lizzzy |

    Hi Jerrika,

    I've only been dancing less than a year, so it's hard for me to get a good perspective on things. (In fact, I think I started after the Kevin and Carla workshop you spoke of) You're right, the good dancers here are REALLY good. They are very inspiring to me. But lately, I've gone to a couple of events that were combinations of Lindy and West Coast. And the WCS people waaaayyy outnumbered the Lindy Hoppers. In fact, it kind of forced me to enter my first Jack and Jill competition, even though I sucked :) because the novice division in WCS was packed and someone came around to the workshops and begged people to sign up for Novice Lindy because no one was entering. So I'm trying my best to help the scene here in whatever way I can. ( I was talking to a fellow follower at a recent dance, which was fairly empty, and she said "oh, please don't tell me Lindy is fading just as I'm getting interested in it! I commiserated.)

    At any rate, if you're ever in Boston again, you've got to look me up, and you're welcome to stay at my place anytime! I've been getting the Swing Montreal emails becasue I took some workshop with the SAF in Syracuse, NY and adored them. I hope to get up there to some big event this coming year, I've been keeping my eyes open.

    Thanks for the blog, it's great being able to chat about this stuff, and let me know if you have any hints for improving the local scene.


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