Movie Review - The Bourne Supremacy (4/5)


Written on 9:02 a.m. by Unknown

I saw this movie yesterday night with my boyfriend. If you enjoyed the first movie (The Bourne Identity) then you will most likely like this one too. Same style, same Performance for Matt Damon, everything about this movie is good. Just make sure you have the time to watch it twice because the first viewing might leave you with unanswered questions and a bit of confusion. You don't need to have seen the Bourne Identity to follow this movie well.

**** (out of *****)

Stay tuned, I also rented Stepford Wives and Envy...

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  1. Anonyme |

    As-tu lu les livres??!?
    Ils sont géniaux, et les films sont à la hauteur en plus. C'est rare je trouve, qu'un livre soit bien adapté au cinéma.

  2. Anonyme |

    J'ai oublié de signer mon message…
    C'est Séverine ;-)
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