A Strong Man


Written on 11:19 p.m. by Unknown

My grand father is a very strong man and he scared us a good deal today.

He was in a ladder on the roof of his 2 floors cottage, trying to fix something when a part of the roof on which he was attached fell/broke. The ladder fell with him under. When my grandmother found him he was under the trailer (god knows how the fall carried him there) and trying to get up because he didn't want her to call an ambulance...

After several protests, he convinced her not to call and he returned to finish his job with his son. A couple of hours later he fell unconscious. My aunt called the ambulance and they brought him to the hospital to take x-rays and keep an eye on him for the night.

The X-rays showed no fracture. He only has a big bruise on his buttocks.

A tough man he is...

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