Sushi Night in Rouyn-Noranda


Written on 4:15 p.m. by Unknown

Who said you couldn't get a good sushi experience in Rouyn-Noranda? This statement proved false yesterday night.

7 people got together in a huge kitchen and divided the task: 1 person on the nigiri, 1 on the makis, 2 on the tempura, 1 on the veggies, 1 on the rice and 1 to set table.

It was so awesome! The red tuna was excellent and so was the keta salmon. We had some trouble setting the tempura temperature to the right level and experienced some foaming in the electric fryer, but eventually Hugo managed to get it right and save the day! Some more technical problems with the second load of sticky rice that got spoiled by mixing silica in it instead of a japanese powder (which can be substituted for the rice vinegar mixture)... Oups!

The supper was perfect! We had the tempura as appetizer, then some nigiri sushi, sashimis and makis with sake. The dinner ended on fortune cookies with green tea. What else could have been done to make it better?... Not sure, really, it seemed complete to me!!!

I hope we can make this activity reoccur sometime before the end of summer. It was inexpensive, tasty, healthy and so much fun!

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  1. Hélène et Pierre |

    Wow ! Quelle était ta spécialité Jerrika....peut-être le thon ? De toute façon tout me semblait excellent... je ne savais pas que tu pouvais aussi faire le tempura... cela me dépasse que tu me dépasse !!! J'aimerais bien goûter... on se fera un p'tit festin comme cela à Brisbane si tu veux bien me montrer comment !!! Ciao.


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