Weekend in d'Aiguebelle


Written on 8:05 a.m. by Unknown

Next weekend is a long weekend for everybody living in Ontario as well as everybody working for Falconbridge Ltd. From July 29th to August 1st we rented a nice cabin (the vice-roi) near a lake at Parc d'Aiguebelle.

3 nights in this beautiful rustic cottage, away from t.v. and internet... Mmmm... Makes me think we better brings cards and games or it could be long ;)

Better not forget my bathing suit and lots of mosquitoe oil: we're in front of Lake Matissard, with the possibility of renting boats... But I'm not forgetting Abitibi's reputation!

Apparently, this cottage is located near a long trail full of blueberries. Blueberry shortcake anyone?

So far, the forecast is as follow:

Friday : 21oC
Saturday : 28oC
Sunday : 15oC
Better bring warm and rain clothes just in case... 15oC isn't exactly Miami!

Don't try to reach me on that weekend. My cell phone does not receive a signal in Parc d'Aiguebelle.

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  1. Anonyme |

    J'ai hâte de connaître ton appréciation de ce joli endroit... Es-ce que le beau Brian y sera ?

    Bonne fin de semaine ! Hélène


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