Blueberries and Subway at Mount Kekeko


Written on 12:27 p.m. by Unknown

Yesterday was a gorgeous 25oC day in Rouyn-Noranda, so we decided to grab a sandwich at Subway and head to Mount Kekeko which I had never seen before.

Kekeko is just a couple of minutes drive from Rouyn and offers a very nice scenery. The long trail is bordered with raspberry bushes and once at the top, you face the beautiful Kekeko Lake which is shown above. The picture is not fair to the place. On the left side, you can guess the shape of a big fireplace with a large covered area in case of rain. There are a lot of large flat rocks that are not shown on this pic on which we rested as well as tons of blueberries that we took for dessert.

For those who wonder, Kekeko is also the name of a colourful bird that learns to speak like a parrot but with whom you can converse and the bird can even give advice!

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  1. Anonyme |

    Hello l'intrépide ! Mais fais-tu ces expéditions seulles ? J'espère que non... même si cela me parait magnifique. Ciao. Hélène XX

  2. Unknown |

    Bien sûr que non! Les autres présents étaient:


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