Jordan Officer @ Verre Bouteille


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onight was my first time at the Verre Bouteille... It's a nice, relaxed atmosphere in the middle of the Plateau.

Marc-André, François and I entered the place not knowing where to go: the room was PACKED. Even more so than at the Howlin' Hound Dogs' CD launch last week if that's possible! We manage to steal Nathalie's spot as she leaves and wait for Jason Officer to return for a second set.

My first impression of Jason when he starts playing: I must be looking at a full-size picture of him and a CD player is hidden behind him... The guy plays like crazy but only his fingers move!!! No head, no facial expression, no body movement, NADA! It is very unusual because the crowd is going crazy for him...

People are cheering, screaming, standing and paying close attention to his every note. What a great guitarist he is! With his very distinctive guitar sound and soothing voice I could definitely listen to him for hours without the need to change the CD.

I just don't know how long I would watch him on t.v. if the sound was off! ; )

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