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The Oasis: an outdoor venue just like our 'Swing l'été' spot in Verdun, with a large roof over our heads in case of showers. In this case, the oasis is located in the middle of broadbeach (GoldCoast) in front of many restaurants, bars and pubs. Many pedestrians stop by when they hear the music and get more information about courses offered by Katz Korner at a table they set up before hand. Lots of kids jumping around, great variety of music, a bunch of cool dancers from the GoldCoast and Brisbane is the perfect recipe for success!

Here you can see some spectators as well as the registration table setup on the left.

Me and 3 friends from the GoldCoast. The guy on the left is a very good creative lead. I don't remember any of their names.

Rebecca & Craig from Brisbane

? & ? from Katz Korner Dance School on the Gold Coast. Both Jivers... (Jive here is called Rockabilly) the girl on the right knows Sophia Wolff from Viva Las Vegas.

? & ? from Brisbane

Tessa & Drew. What a lovely couple! Tessa's a sweetest girl I met while in Brisbane and Drew's by far the best lead & teacher! When are we going to invite him to Canada to show us his tricks?

Craig, ? from Sweden, Nate from L.A., Drew-the-amazing and Tessa.

At 11pm, it's time to pack up... and go for a swim at the beach...

Beware of the sharks. They are more active at nightime.

We all had a blast.... except for the poor Tessa who didn't bring her bathing suit because nobody told her about the beach. She took a couple of good pictures though ;)

Great effect! This photo is a courtesy of Tessa. Who can guess the name of the guy on that picture?

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