Tim Tam Challenge


Written on 6:00 a.m. by Unknown

Tim Tam you say? What is Tim Tam?

Tim Tam is a cookie brand. A kind of chocolate waffle, you put the cookies to freeze for a couple of hours before the challenge...

The Tim Tam challenge is a race. Everyone takes a cup of hot coffee and a frozen Tim Tam. You then bite both extremities of the Tim Tam cookie and use it as a straw to slurp as much coffee as you can and before the Tim Tam melts down and collapses.

On your mark... Get set... GO!

Who do you think won the race? Well... depending on the rules you choose we get different results. It's a race. Brian drank more coffee than me with the same cookie. Unfortunately, my mom's rules also say that dropping your Tim Tam cookie in your cup disqualifies you and Brian's cookie fell to pieces in his cup so I was declared champion by default.

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