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Those who know me best know how much I hate gambling: I don't like to risk my money or belongings over a game. However, that does not stop me from trying different games if I can play them with fake money. Same fun, risk-free!

So I tried a couple of online poker games and I found my favorite: (see picture).

I will compare to because the latest is always advertised on T.V. and I think they are big competitors.

  • Play Money = both sites allow players to use fake money or real money
  • Create your own table = only PokerRoom allows you to create your table so might have to wait for a seat to be free at one of the existing tables at PartyPoker
  • Player with no money has to leave the table = only PokerRoom forces the player to leave when he runs out of money and to refill his account, PartyPoker lets a losing player recharge from the table while he's playing
  • Compatibility = PokerRoom is compatible for macintosh and pc, PartyPoker is pc only.
For all these reasons and because I like to use my macintosh iBook laptop, you are much more likely to find me on than anywhere else so if you wanna play with me, look for Jerrika's table in the play money section and grab a seat!

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