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Written on 2:20 a.m. by Unknown

If you visited my blog in the last two weeks, so might have noticed the appearance of Google banners here and there. This program is called Adsense.

Basically, there are 3 parts in Google Adsense...

  1. Google search
  2. Targeted banners
  3. Sponsorship
I'm having some trouble with Google search: If you look on your upper left corner, I added a little google search bar. Everything seems to work fine if you search the web. However, it can't seem to find anything on my own page as it should. If anyone know why, let me know by posting a comment, it will be much appreciated!

The targeted banners work in a different way. The system reads the content of my blog and associates it with advertisement containing as many similar keywords as my blog. In other words, if all I talk about is fashion, you should not be bothered with some random ads about online gambling or penis enlargers because their keywords will certainly not match mine! The more readers click (YES THAT MEANS "YOU") the more these guys will pay me for having advertised their sites. Simple. Easy. But you need a lot of clicks to make some $, so keep clicking! :D

The sponsorship works in yet another way. You see the Firefox and Adsense white banners on the left side? Everytime someone downloads firefox from my link, I get 1$ for that. I don't really understand how they make money out of this one because, between you and me, Firefox is not only the best browser for the web... it is also FREE to download!!! So where does Google find the 1$ they pay me? I don't know... If you do, you can leave the answer as a comment.

Now, if you have a blog or a website and would like to cover your hosting fees by adding some simple advertisement, try Adsense by Google, but most importantly, click on my Adsense link to register. As a referrer, I will touch a commission as soon as you receive your first payment of 100$ and it will not affect your own earnings.

Bottomline: you click on the links, you make money, I make money, we're both happy!

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  1. Anonyme |


    Looks like your site isn't properly indexed by Google. If you search Google for site:jerrika.blogspot.com you only get one result, and it doesn't appear to have been indexed.

    If your site hasn't existed for long, then you'll have to wait for the Googlebot to crawl your site properly. Make sure you have regular links (not javascript) to all your pages and sections.

    For example, if you search for site:www.caperet.com you will see you get hundreds of results, as Google has basically more or less indexed everything...



  2. Ben |

    Just a return visit, for no particular reason :)

    Fruey is correct, of course.


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